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Couple booking maid service in Frisco, TX Book Frisco Maids online
Couple booking maid service in Frisco, TX Book Frisco Maids online


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Frisco Maids' cleaner cleans your home
Frisco Maids' cleaner cleans your home


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Relax in your Frisco home
Relax in your Frisco home


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Award-Winning Maid Service in Frisco, Texas

Dallas Maids is winner of Kev's Best Choice Award

Kev's Best Choice Award

Awarded to the top 5 maid services, Kev's Best Choice Award recognizes Dallas Maids of Frisco dedication to delivering quality-proven cleaning service for Frisco Families.

Dallas maids recommended by D Magazine

D Home Magazine Recommends Us

D Magazine secretly sent their journalists on a mission to find the best, local maid services by posing as customers, choosing a select few to earned their recommendation.

three Best Rated House Cleaning Services

Three Best Rated

The 3 winning house cleaning services had to pass a rigorous 50-point inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence.

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We know your time is valuable and you would probably prefer to avoid lengthy onboarding processes. After all, that's why you hiring a Frisco maid service - you have better things to do! Dallas Maids of Frisco is all about making house cleaning in Frisco easy. Booking maid service online from your smart phone is a cinch using our mobile-friendly booking page. And it only takes 1 minute!



Dallas Maids of Frisco

We are a family owned, maid service in Frisco, Texas that provides peace and adds happiness to its clients’ lives by removing the chore of house cleaning so they may have more valuable time with family, friends, and themselves. We have been providing award-winning cleaning service since 2004.


Our story in Frisco begins years ago when Frisco residents started calling us for house cleaning services. Strange because back then we only serviced Dallas (thus the name Dallas Maids®). Though as we heard from increasingly more frustrated families that just wanted a maid service that delivered a consistently good job, were responsive to their needs, easy to reach, and simply showed up, we thought, hey, there could be a need for a quality, professional house cleaning service in Frisco. So, we opened Dallas Maids of Frisco, our second location. as a solution to satisfy Frisco residents’ demand for a good, reliable housekeeping.


Our Cleaning Services

green dot Standard house cleaning. (Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)

green dot Deep cleaning, also known as a detail clean.

green dot Move out and move in cleanings, also known as make readies.

green dot Apartment cleaning.

green dot Professional carpet cleaning.


Dallas Maids of Frisco would love to clean your home! To reserve the best house cleaning in Frisco, call us at (972) 851-9994 or book online in 60 seconds, hassle free.



How Hiring a Maid Service in Frisco Can Lift Up Your Life

Have you been thinking about trying a professional house cleaning service in Frisco, Texas? Whether you live alone, with your partner, or have a large family, we bet you’ve googled “house cleaning in Frisco” at least once.


When making the decision to proceed with hiring a local house cleaner in Frisco, the thing to understand is that what you’re looking to gain from a maid service isn’t just a cleaner home. It’s a better quality of life.


At Dallas Maids of Frisco, we see the bigger picture (inside that frame that needs dusting!). And we can help you create the life you want. Though don’t take our word for it…


Dallas Maids of Frisco has been recognized for having the best maid service in Frisco. We are proud of the awards Dallas Maids of Frisco has earned through the tireless dedication and hard work of our cleaners’ mission of adding to our customers’ happiness by removing the chore of cleaning.



Welcome to Dallas Maids of Frisco

Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, scrubbing … Unless you’re a Zen monk, these activities likely don’t bring you joy. They’re only items on your to-do list, waiting to be crossed off and reentered the next day or week.


Why resign yourself to a lifetime of cleaning chores you loathe when it’s so easy to pass them off to us? After all, cleaning is our passion! Make more free time for your friends, family, and yourself in Frisco with Dallas Maids of Frisco professional home cleaning.


We love to clean. It’s our mission, our passion, and our purpose. Not to mention we’re pretty good at it. So, every day that you don’t book a cleaning by Dallas Maids of Frisco, you’re depriving us as well as yourself.


Book Dallas Maids of Frisco Online in 60 Secs

You see, since 2004, it has been our purpose in life to add happiness to our clients’ lives by removing the tedious chore of cleaning while creating a more relaxing, healthy, and orderly home environment.


And we make it super-easy for you to schedule happiness from any device.


1. Schedule Your Clean Online in 60 Secs.

2. We Come and Clean.

3. You Relax.


That’s it!


If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve been thinking about using a local maid service for a long time. But you’ve hesitated to go through with it. Or maybe you haven’t been able to convince your partner that using a cleaning company is a good idea. Read on to learn more about what it really means to hire a professional home cleaner.



New World, New Priorities

Life today is drastically different from what it was a few years ago. If you’re like most of us, you probably take far less for granted.


Until recently, you may have had more time than you wanted to clean your home. Now, with the return-to-work commutes and other aspects of the new normal, you may be rethinking how you want to manage your household.


Life is short. Why settle for days filled with mundane activities like cleaning your home? Despite what grandma says, it’s not your destiny or life purpose to keep your house sparkling clean 24/7.


The fact is, you can afford a professional cleaning service! You’ll quickly recoup the cost of hiring Dallas Maids of Frisco with the time and energy you save for other, more important things.



What a Consistently Clean Casa Can Do for You

Remember, when you think about it, your ultimate goal isn’t simply a clean house. That’s something you can more or less achieve on your own.


Most house cleaning services advertise the obvious fact that they can help you gain time to do more of the things you love. But here are many other benefits of hiring a housecleaner in Frisco.


  • Decrease the spread of certain communicable diseases. Some diseases, such as norovirus (the one that feels like food poisoning) and conjunctivitis (pinkeye), are spread through contact with contaminated surfaces. Sanitizing the kitchen and bathrooms regularly may save your household and your guests some suffering.
  • Reduce symptoms of allergies. Dust and mold are common allergy triggers that are easily kept at bay with regular cleaning.
  • Eliminate arguments about housekeeping. In any partnership, it’s likely that one person is more finicky about cleaning than the other. Hiring a housecleaning service eliminates one major frustration between cohabiting couples. No counseling required!
  • Make a modest home feel like a mansion. You don’t have to move or remodel to love where you live. Keeping up with housecleaning gives you a sense of pride whether or not you’re the one who did the cleaning.
  • Make parenthood easier. Got kids? You’ve got enough to do. Focus on the things only you can do and outsource the other stuff. Your kids want to remember the time you spent with them, not the time you spent cleaning.
  • Live more peacefully with pets and plants. Help your live-ins thrive while getting rid of the mess they can produce.
  • Reduce mental stress. People with conditions such as ADHD, OCD, and anxiety may find housekeeping difficult or be triggered by what they perceive to be poor housekeeping. A regular maid service in Frisco can make life a lot more livable for many.
  • Open up literal doors. Gain the freedom to entertain more. Invite unexpected visitors without hesitating.
  • Open up figurative doors. Study for a new career. Or finally, start that book you’ve been dreaming of writing. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities you’ll have.
  • Help you sleep better. Whether you’re bothered by a laundry pile physically blocking your bed or stressed by general clutter in the room, a messy bedroom can keep you awake.
  • Maintain the value of your home. We love HOARDERS—the TV show, that is. If you’ve ever watched, you know how neglect can destroy a house from the inside out. Keeping your house clean keeps pests out and the full value in.
  • Love your life. Going to bed dissatisfied with your days? Feeling the blahs every morning? In need of a life makeover? You may be wondering what to add to your life. Sometimes, you need to take something away. Instead of trying to shoehorn some new, exciting activity into your schedule, first, get the housekeeping off your plate. By creating some space in your life, you’ll be able to see what you’d like to do to enhance it.


Book Dallas Maids of Frisco Online in 60 Secs


Have we convinced you yet? Hiring a housekeeping service in Frisco is self-care extraordinaire. As with many things in life, it’s all about what you tell yourself.


If you believe having your house professionally cleaned is a luxury for the rich and lazy, or a crutch for the inept, then you’ll never feel good about hiring anyone.


If, instead, you believe that professional house cleaning is a smart and sensible thing to do—which it is—then you’ll be opening your life to all kinds of new possibilities.



Why You Should Choose Dallas Maids of Frisco Cleaning Service Over an Independent Cleaner

We have nothing against independent cleaners. In fact, some of our staff members were once self-employed. But there are many reasons why Dallas Maids of Frisco, our house cleaning service, is a better option for you.


Scheduling flexibility

A solo cleaner has limited availability. Your appointment must suit the cleaner’s schedule. With a staff of more than xx, Dallas Maids of Frisco can schedule cleanings to suit YOUR schedule.


Quality of Clean

Anybody who can hold a broom can say they’re a pro housecleaner and hang up a shingle. Unless you check references thoroughly, it’s hard to know how clean your home is going to be.


But we put all our applicants through a stringent interview process. Less than 2% of those applicants are chosen to be a Dallas Maid of Frisco. And our training is designed to give you consistent results from any combination of cleaners.


Reliability of Cleaners

A self-employed cleaner is their own boss and meets their own standards. When you hire a cleaning company in Frisco or anywhere else, your cleaners must meet company standards.


If you’re not happy with the job your independent cleaner does, broaching the subject can be awkward. You may put off addressing your concern, which can cause resentment to mount up.


When you hire a cleaning service, you can direct your concerns more candidly to a manager and get your problem resolved.


What’s more, a solo cleaner may simply decide they don’t want to clean your house any certain day, whereas Dallas Maids always has somebody available to do the job when you expect us to.


Security and Protection of Your Home 

Independent cleaners usually do not have liability insurance. Like most housekeeping services, Dallas Maids is fully insured for your protection. Furthermore, we do thorough background and reference checks along with utilizing psychological tools during our hiring process to ensure we hire good-hearted people you can trust.


Unfortunately, some cleaning companies cut corners (and break the law) by hiring independent cleaners. Not only does this mean your home is not protected since the cleaning company’s insurance will not cover accidental damage or theft caused by independent cleaners, it also means hiring independent contractors (IC) instead of employees leads to quality of clean issues because the cleaning company cannot train or manage ICs since the ICs are their own business.



The Dallas Maids of Frisco Difference

Relentless Quest for Quality

We’ve been providing the highest quality maid service in Frisco, Plano, Richardson, The Colony, Carrollton, Allen, and Dallas area for over a decade. We have a 5-star track record and a solid base of happy customers that have been with us for years. In this business reputation is everything. You don’t want to let just anyone clean your home, it’s important to be cautious. Before you invite a cleaning company into your home shouldn’t you ask if they can give you references? If they are bonded and insured? If they do criminal background checks on their employees? Dallas Maids of Frisco home cleaning service can give you that peace of mind that only comes with hiring a reputable, reliable service.


Our Secret

We are obsessed with quality, we like to think we offer the deepest, most thorough clean in Texas. Our “secret” recipe is that we only hire maids with solid cleaning experience and impeccable references. Then they get background checks and a long training period before they are ready to clean for us. Once they are certified, the house cleaners know their performance bonuses, pay raises, and the amount of work they receive depends on your happiness!

So how do we know if you are Happy? You will receive an email after each and every clean giving you a chance to rank the maids on a 5-star scale along with the option to provide your feedback. This input is automatically stored on Dallas Maids of Frisco’s employee’s files. We have our method down to a science, there is no time-wasting or corner-cutting here. And your special requests? Done your way and with a smile!


More About Dallas Maids of Frisco



Dallas Maids of Frisco Would Love to Clean Your Home!

Over recent years the demand for quality home cleaning in Frisco has exploded! As we continually received more cleaning requests from Frisco families who were not satisfied with the local options, we decided to expand our service area to include Frisco, The Colony, McKinney, and the surrounding areas in order to offer an award-winning cleaning experience our maid service is known for. Dallas Maids of Frisco is our second location and a solution to fill this need in Frisco, Texas. So if you are not satisfied with the local talent, we’d love to clean your home!


Are you ready to experience the freedom that comes with having your home professionally cleaned by an established, award-winning, local cleaning service? Go ahead and book your first appointment. We’re honored for the chance to be a part of your journey and would love to clean your home!


To reserve your award-winning housecleaning, call (972) 851-9994 or book a maid online, hassle-free. It only takes 60 seconds!




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