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Maid Service Dallas


Dallas Maids helps you live smarter so you can focus on the important things. Gain more time for family, friends, and yourself!

Maid Service Dallas


We rigorously vet all of our cleaners. Employees must pass thorough background checks, reference checks, and in-person interviews.

Maid Service Dallas


Our cleaning artists go the extra mile on every job. After they finish, you can log in and give your team anonymous feedback.

Maid Service Dallas


Select your number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Pick a convenient date and time. Then relax while our maids make your home sparkle.

Maid Service Dallas


Our user-friendly site makes it easy for you to stay in touch with Dallas Maids. Log in anytime to add, edit, or cancel bookings.

Maid Service Dallas


Pay for your maid service online. Your card is charged only when the cleaning is complete and we know you are happy with the clean.

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Dallas Maids is mobile-friendly. Book your maid service straight from your smart phone, tablet, or computer in about one minute. Our motto, "Cleaning Maid Easy!", is our mission. From booking online or over the phone to cleaning your home and providing you the award-winning service we're famous for thereafter, we work feverishly hard so you don't have to. We make house cleaning easy!


Dallas Maids House Cleaning Services

Dallas Maids® is a family owned, professional house cleaning service in Dallas, Texas, providing peace and adding happiness to its customers’ lives by removing the chore of cleaning so they may have more valuable time with family, friends, and themselves. We have been cleaning Dallas homes since 2004.


Our Cleaning Services

green dot Standard house cleaning. Recurring home cleaning services provided weekly, every two weeks, or every four weeks.

green dot Deep cleaning, also known as a detail clean.

green dot Move-out and move-in cleaning, also known as make-readies.

green dot Apartment cleaning, including condominium, townhome, and dorm cleaning services.

green dot Carpet cleaning and odor removal.


No cleaning conundrum is too big or too small. We do it all! Need an after-party cleanup, maid service for a special occasion, or don’t see your type of house cleaning service here? Let us know! We are happy to accommodate special needs or requests. To reserve your award-winning home cleaning, call us at (469) 487-6669 or book online in 60 seconds, hassle free. We would love to clean your home!




Award-Winning House Cleaning

We Are Rated the #1 Maid Service in Dallas for a Reason 

Our dedication to providing you with the best value in home cleaning has earned Dallas Maids® numerous awards and recognition for our house cleaning services. You will experience the best maid service in Dallas when you book your first service appointment, and every time thereafter. Our house cleaning services have garnered glowing reviews by D Home Magazine, earned a five-star rating in Home Services Review consumer magazine, received the “Reader’s Choice Award” from Living Magazine, and has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Dallas Maids service awards


Our Clients Rate Our Cleaners

That Means You Get Quality-Proven Maids

You have a say in how we do business!  Once your house cleaning service is completed, you will receive an email inviting you to rank your cleaning team. You also have an option to add detailed comments and suggestions. All ratings and feedback are automatically stored in our files so we can easily identify our top performers. This data allows Dallas Maids® to offer the best maid service in Dallas by:

green dot Calculating and awarding cleaners raises and performance bonuses based on your feedback.

green dot Building your cleaning team with your preferred talent.

green dot Learning how to become the best maid service in Dallas.


Our professional house cleaners know their pay depends directly upon your happiness. By stressing this to our team members, we have found that they not only do their job correctly every time, they also consistently go above and beyond what is required on the cleaning check list to earn your five-star feedback. This is how Dallas Maids® mops up the competition.



Message From The Owner


Home should be a place to relax, make memories, and distance ourselves from the cares of the outside world. For so many of us however, our households can be a place of unnecessary stress. With work and family or friends happily engaging our time the trappings of life can stack up. Clutter mounts on bookshelves and countertops. Baseboards go uncleaned. Dusting gets neglected. And honestly who has time to mop with soccer games, social outings, work, and the enjoyable parts of our personal time vying for our attention?


This vexing problem is what compels me to grow and perfect Dallas Maids home cleaning service. My name is Greg and I am the CEO of Dallas Maids. We all spend so much time working – why should we spend our valuable personal time just dealing with the mess that comes with living, working, and enjoying our lives? That’s the driving passion behind our house cleaning service. We want to make home enjoyable again for our customers. Imagine coming home and not having to clean last night’s lasagna pan or stare at your dusty desk while trying to mount the willpower to clean instead of watch TV, read a book, or play a game. That’s what we do.


Our excellent, detail-oriented cleaning artists achieve that vision. I have prided myself and our team at being extremely selective with who can be a Dallas Maids house cleaning artist. We only hire about 2% of applicants for our team and train them to be meticulous in their housekeeping, respectful of privacy, and friendly to everyone they encounter. I am also committed to hiring a cleaning team and ensuring they don’t have to work a second job because Dallas Maids ensures their work is exemplary and they are paid a living wage for it.


That might seem like a random tidbit to mention but it is an important facet of how we practice business. Superb staff provide superb service. I won’t lie and tell you that you can’t find cheaper maid services in Dallas. I’m certain you can. But time and again we hear from our loyal customers that while our maid services cost a little more, they can rest easy knowing that our team is trustworthy, reliable, skilled, and consistent. Most importantly our cleaning artists makes their houses feel like home again. They can come back from vacation or their commute home, prepare for a party, or move-in-or-out cleaning without the added burden of dealing with the debris that comes with living life.


If you’re still on the fence about giving our maid service a shot at cleaning your home, I invite you check out the numerous awards different local agencies have honored us with. From D Magazine to the Better Business Bureau to local papers and annual best in service awards, we are proud of the quality care and cleaning we have been able to provide the Dallas community over the years. In 2020 at the height of the pandemic we delighted cleaning Dallas area first responder’s homes for free (all thanks to our amazing customers!) so that they could relax after working on the front lines keeping our families, including patients in critical care, safe and healthy.


As we continue to grow in the Dallas area, I genuinely look forward to working alongside new families, customers, and community members. It’s a chance to carry our mission, meet new people, and help you lessen some stress while making your home more enjoyable again.




~ CEO, Dallas Maids





100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We Are Bringing Satisfaction Back 

Many of our new customers complain that the quality of their previous maid service deteriorated over time. We want our customers (hopefully you!) to be blown away with our service today and tomorrow. That is why we offer the Dallas Maids® 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Thanks to our diligence, you can expect the same level of clean every time we visit your home. We maintain consistent results through our three-point quality control system: 1) A field manager will periodically inspect your home to ensure your cleaning meets our high standards. 2) We ask you to rate your professional cleaning crew in the follow up email we send after every visit. 3) You are absolutely welcome to call or email us anytime with feedback. We want to hear about anything serious or urgent right away.


If your home cleaning is less than stellar, let us know within 24 hours. We will return to your home as quickly as possible and reclean any area you were not 100% satisfied with. If you are still not 100% satisfied with your cleaning service, then one of our representatives will visit your home for an inspection and upon approval, refund your payment in full. Please note the guarantee does not apply if the cleaning crew was hindered by other contractors performing work in the home, lack of running water or electricity, excessive clutter, or anything else that would inhibit their ability to clean your home.




Ever Googled Maid Service Near Me?

Then Dallas Maids® Is For You!

Our primary service area is Dallas while our secondary location, Dallas Maids of Frisco, serves Frisco and most areas north of President George Bush Turnpike. So, if you have ever searched for maid service near me or house cleaning services near me on Google, then you have probably already discovered our professional home cleaners are located near you!


If your home is not within our service area, no worries. We can often accommodate cleaning jobs just outside our service area. So, give us a ring at (469) 487-6669 and a Dallas Maids service manager will cheerfully answer the phone, ready to answer questions or schedule a service appointment.


  When We Clean   When We Answer Calls
Mon 8:00 am – 7:00 pm   24/7
Tue 8:00 am – 7:00 pm   24/7
Wed 8:00 am – 7:00 pm   24/7
Thu 8:00 am – 7:00 pm   24/7
Fri 8:00 am – 7:00 pm   24/7
Sat 9:00 am – 1:00 pm   24/7
Sun Closed   24/7

Our Service Area



Call (469) 487-6669 for your home cleaning!