How to Clean a Home: Two of Dallas Maids’ Best Professional House Cleaners Share Their Method

by Dallas Maids - June 27, 2022

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I’ve been in the house cleaning industry for 2 decades. Reyna and Vicky, two of the best professional house cleaners I’ve had the privileged to work with, shared their cleaning steps with me. Here, I write them down to share with you. Here are some tips on how to clean a home:

Before we enter, we prepare for the cleaning by putting together the material needed to clean. If it is a first-time clean, we take everything. If it is a regular clean, we take only what is needed.

And iff the house is a 2-story house, you start from the top floor, dusting from top to bottom working your way downstairs. (Example: ceiling fans, lamps, blinds).

If the home has a fireplace, start off by cleaning the fireplace because the ashes spread.

In the bathrooms, you remove the floor mats. Never step on, vacuum, or use cleaning solutions on the mats. Then vacuum the bathroom floor, and soak the shower/tub, sinks and toilets. Start by dusting ceiling fans, blinds, and Windex mirrors, and cleaning window sills and window blinds.

Once done, scrub your showers/tubs, use a toilet bowl brush to scrub the toilets, and clean counters and sinks, polishing the chrome once done.

When dusting you start at one point and should finish at that same point going clockwise. (Remember to clean baseboards first with a duster and then with a damp rag. Dusting includes doors, baseboards, light switches, lamps, and knick-knacks.

You will follow the same dusting system in all other rooms and areas.

In the kitchen, check the oven and refrigerator if it is a first-time clean, presoak if needed. Otherwise, you will start with the dusting from top to bottom, starting with cabinets above, windows sills, and blinds.

On countertops, you will clean small appliances and items. Ensure you clean underneath items, placing them in the same spot. Clean drawers and cabinets at the bottom.

When it is a move out clean inside and outside of cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, and oven. Clean windows, window sills, and window blinds.

Once you have cleaned all areas, vacuum all carpets and hard floors. Then mop the hardware floors.

Once you have finished, go to every area to check for details making sure everything was cleaned properly and everything is in its place (example: pillowcases, furniture, lights, etc.)

Rub your hand over the countertops and bar in the kitchen and bathrooms to make sure you do not feel dirt and grime. Check the mirrors for streak marks and missed areas.

There you have it! These expert tips on how to clean a home will help you get things done quickly and efficiently.