Cleaning Tips

The down and dirty on how to up and clean your home

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The Down And Dirty On How To Up And Clean Your Home

Clean Freaks: Cleaning Tips and Household Tricks video series with Dallas Maids. This is the down and dirty on how to up and clean your home. Though if it sounds like too much work just call Dallas Maids!


Cleaning Tips

Do you want to know the tricks to the trade? These cleaning tips will let you do a more effective job, quicker.

Speed Cleaning Rules

How do you clean grout?

How do you clean painted walls?

How do you clean no-wax floors?

How do you clean ceramic tile floors?

How do you find a good maid service?

How do you clean hard-water deposits?

How do you remove fleas from the carpet?

Removing pet hair from upholstery & carpet

How do you remove pet stains from carpet?

Removing motor oil from carpet/upholstery

Cleaning soap scum in tubs and showers

How do you get rid of toilet bowl rings?

How do you clean wood floors?

Spring Cleaning