Cleaning Tip Secrets from Real, Professional Maids

by Dallas Maids - August 2, 2013

Today we have some extra special tips to share! We polled our housekeepers at Dallas Maids and got them to share their very best cleaning tips for this video. These are time tested cleaning tricks from professional maids that clean hundreds of homes every year, enjoy!

Real Maid Tip #1 – Start high and dry

This tip was repeated again and again by our maids. When you start cleaning any room start at the ceiling level. That means dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, knocking down cobwebs and vacuuming air vents. Starting with the dry jobs with will help avoid creating a gunky mess on your surfaces, so dry dust everything before you apply furniture polish, sweep or vacuum hard surface floors very well before you mop and don’t start applying product to any surface before you have wiped it down for dust.

Real Maid Tip #2 – Soak don’t Scrub Well

You might have to scrub a little anyways but this real housekeeper tip will cut down on wasted time and elbow grease. When you are ready to tackle what our maids call the “wet cleaning jobs” in a room like the bathroom or kitchen first apply the correct product to all of the surfaces you will be cleaning and let it soak in while you clean something else. Then start with the least dirty item or surface and work your way up to the dirtiest surface which will have had time to soak in the product making it easier to clean.

Real Maid Tip #3 – Prioritize

Real maids usually don’t have all day to clean one house. They have a set amount of time to spend in each home before it’s time for them to move on to the next house. So what do they do when they know they can’t possibly clean the entire home in the time allotted? They let the client know and then they work based on priorities. The dirtiest room gets cleaned first. They want to maximize the impact that their work will have on the overall appearance of the home.

Real Maid Tip #4 – Keep your head in the game

Our favorite tips from our maids didn’t address any one cleaning task in particular; instead they were about attitude and focus. One maid said “You have to love the job and want to clean.”

We can learn a lot from our hardworking housekeepers. To clean well and efficiently you have to be present not only physically but mentally as well. Maybe it can best be summed up in one more piece of advice “Be where you are, do what you are doing and smile” We’d like to thank all of our wonderful, dedicated professional house cleaners for all of their hard work. Our cheerful and tireless team has thousands of happy customers in Dallas. Give us a call and experience the Dallas Maids difference in your home today!