7 Ways to Know You Are Hiring the Best Maid Service in Dallas

by Dallas Maids - May 29, 2018

Maid wiping table

7 Ways to Know You Are Hiring the Best Maid Service in Dallas.

1) You want only the best quality people in your home!
The hiring process for your maid service should be very selective. You expect that. It makes sense. The quality of your cleaning depends on the caliber of your cleaners. That’s why Dallas Maids uses a very selective hiring process. To pick the best people we:

  • Perform background checks and employment reference checks on everybody we consider for a cleaning job.
  • Have rigid criteria to find out the work ethic and moral compass of our job candidates.
  • Have a thorough interview process. It includes psychological aspects that test for good work ethics and trustworthy morals.
  • After all that, we hire only 1 out of every 95 applicants.

You are entrusting your biggest investment to us, your home. You deserve to feel safe and comfortable with the people who clean it.

2) You need to know that your treasures won’t disappear!
Wouldn’t it be nice to find a maid service where theft is non-existent? It is at Dallas Maids! If something of yours should disappear, we won’t argue about it. Instead we’ll immediately pay for a polygraph test on your cleaners. Why? We want you to feel secure.
But how often does theft occur? Every maid service that has been in business for many years has had to deal with theft. The service should make reparations to you immediately, then fire the cleaner. Again, our background checks weed those people out. So no worry for you.

3) You need to know that breakages are covered by insurance!
Insurance is a must for your peace of mind, so Dallas Maids covers you with $1,000,000.00 of insurance. But sometimes money alone doesn’t compensate. For instance, one of our cleaners accidentally broke a $20 tea cup. We gladly paid $400 to have it professionally repaired for the client. Why? Because it had great sentimental value. The tea cup had been given to our customer by their deceased grandma. But with our training, breakages rarely occur.

4) You want the same crew to clean your home every time!
We don’t send different teams to clean your home. We know that you want the same people in your home every time, because they learn how you like your house to be cleaned. No dust is left, and no dirt remains. Nothing gets missed, just the way you like it. When all the details get covered, the cleaning remains consistent, and accidents become rare. Besides, it nice to know who is cleaning your home. So you can relax.

5) You need to know the house cleaning service takes good care of their people!
We treat your cleaners with dignity, and that motivates them to take good care of you! Face it, cleaning is hard work. That’s why Dallas Maids finds the best cleaners, then takes good care of them so they stay with us. We pay above average wages, and give your cleaners bonuses for doing a good job at your home. We sponsor family outings for our employees, and even provide a professional masseuse to heal sore muscles from their hours of hard work.
It all makes good business sense. Happy employees make happy customers, like you.

6) You need to know how long the maid service has been in business!
Dallas Maids has been making homes like yours sparkle since 2004! You can be confident our cleaners are well trained and know what they are doing. That is doubly important in this industry. Our competitors seem to hire almost anyone. We don’t. That’s why we have thrived so long. As they say, time is the friend of good companies. You deserve a sparkling house, so we clean more.

7) You want a cleaning service with a low turnover rate!
You might have experienced this with other cleaning services. If maid service can’t keep good people, then something is wrong. It is a major red flag! The cleaning industry has an average turnover rate of 300%. Dallas Maids, though, has less than a fraction of that!

How nice is all that?

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