What Is An Average Job?

Simplicity of a business system benefits quality. This aligns with our mission to provide the most value to our customers by providing superior cleanings.

Having flat rates are simple. And since most jobs are average size, this is not usually an issue.


Sometimes we encounter a not so “Average” size job.

So, what is average?

Let’s start with what is not average to spare you the suspense of wondering if you job is average.

This is not average:

Nor this:

And definitely not this:

If any of this applies to you, no worries, we can still clean but it will cost a bit more. But we’d really prefer toys to be picked up, dishes put away, and other things that would slow down our cleaning team from what they do best – making your home sparkle!

Our cleaning artists are paid a percentage of the job because it rewards our star performers who are able to do a superior job, quickly while not pressuring those that may not be as fast so they can still do a thorough job for you. If they get a bigger than average job at the same flat rate, they are being underpaid. And that’s just no Bueno.

It’s important for us to take care of our talent because they take care of our customers. (You!)

In the event your job is bigger than average, we’ll call you first, asking if you would like us to complete the job (time permitting) at the adjusted price, work from your priority list, or cancel the job.

Note we may not be able to complete the job if there is not enough time due to other jobs scheduled for that day. So we respectfully ask you to…


…so the proper amount of time can be allocated to properly clean your home.

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We simply want to provide you the best cleaning service in Dallas. Letting us know beforehand if you have a big job helps immensely in providing the quality cleaning you deserve!

Thank you for your understanding.