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Secret Shopper

Join Our Quality Assurance Team & Get 50% OFF!

Secret shopperDallas Maids routinely uses secret shoppers to evaluate our cleanings, especially new cleaning crews immediately after training.

By collecting objective feedback and sharing the evaluations with our staff, we ensure we are wowing our customers at each and every cleaning! Our employees never know which appointment is a secret shopper appointment, so this helps us treat every cleaning as though they are being evaluated. Our Cleaning Technicians are then rewarded with pay bonuses when they get high grades. It’s a win-win for us all!

Join our quality assurance team by signing up to our secret shopper mailing list today and receive 50% OFF housecleaning services in exchange for a written evaluation submitted online after each appointment.  Limited spots are available. You will be notified when a Secret Shopper evaluation becomes available, on a first come, first served basis and chosen based on the day and time we need a cleaning to be evaluated.  

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