Podcast 016: Cleaning Up Your Business!

by Dallas Maids - October 17, 2018

Welcome to the 016 Podcast!

In this Podcast, Tom and Greg discuss:

How to use SEO tools to increase your reach.

How to expand your business.

The importance of finding quality employees.

Simple steps to build your business from the ground up.

Key Takeaways:

Treat your employees with respect and reward their services.

Don’t be afraid to go for the “dull” business idea.

Your people are your biggest asset.

Expect to pay more for mistakes early on when starting your business.

“Try to figure out all of your costs of starting and maintaining your business for the first year…once you figure out all of the costs, write that number down, then multiply that by two- that’ll be your REAL cost- and then add a quarter for your mistakes.” – Greg Shepard

In 2004 Greg left the high tech world to start a maid service.

Why a Maid Service?

A question he is often asked. After all, he had an amazing career in high tech working at fortune 500 companies. What was he thinking?… A thought that often crossed his mind those first couples of years after starting Dallas Maids. Anyway, to answer that question… Building a business was what Greg wanted to do. He wanted to create something of value. And he wanted to see people, both customers and employees, benefit from that value. This was much more fulfilling than hacking away behind a glowing computer screen all day.

And it was the best business decision he ever made.

Connect with Greg Shepard, CEO & Founder, Dallas Maids: Website: www.dallasmaids.com/contact

Greg’s programming skills easily transferred to starting a cleaning service company: Building a business is like writing code: You write the code (i.e. business’s operation manual) then continually debug it until you have a program (cleaning service system) that produces the same quality results (housecleaning) for the user (customer). And it worked well… Today Dallas Maids is not only one of the largest maid services in Dallas, but no other services have won as many awards as Dallas Maids have for their cleaning service.

Source: DFW Business Culture