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Nehalul Islam

$6,247.83 judgement for shooting employee with bow and arrow.

Nehalul Islam’s daughter shot one of our staff’s with a bow and arrow. I felt the lack of empathy Nehalul Islam demonstrated was appalling. After the judge scolded Mr. Islam in court, he handed our employee a judgement of $6,247.83. This was the max our employee had asked. However, the Judge pointed out more should have been asked for the pain and suffering our staff experienced stating Mr. Nehalul Islam and his wife, Shahnaz Chowdhury, could of been sued in excess of $100,000.00. 

Interestingly this case caught the attention of Judge Judy.

Factual Summary:Factual summary

Police Report:

Police Report page 1

Police report page 2

Nehalul Islam Final Notice page 1

Nehalul Islam Final Notice page 2

Judge Judy interests in this case:

Judge Judy


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