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Couple booking maid service in North Dallas, TX
Couple booking maid service in North Dallas, TX


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Dallas Maids' cleaner cleans your home
Dallas Maids' cleaner cleans your home


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Couple relaxing in their home, cleaned by Dallas Maids
Couple relaxing in their home, cleaned by Dallas Maids


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Award-Winning Maid Service in North Dallas, Texas

Dallas Maids is winner of Kev's Best Choice Award

Kev's Best Choice Award

Awarded to the top 5 maid services, Kev's Best Choice Award recognizes Dallas Maids of North Dallas dedication to delivering quality-proven cleaning service for North Dallas Families.

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D Home Magazine Recommends Us

D Magazine secretly sent their journalists on a mission to find the best, local maid services by posing as customers, choosing a select few to earned their recommendation.

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Three Best Rated

The 3 winning house cleaning services had to pass a rigorous 50-point inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence.

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We know your time is valuable and you would probably prefer to avoid lengthy onboarding processes. After all, that's why you hiring a North Dallas maid service - you have better things to do! Dallas Maids is all about making house cleaning in North Dallas easy. Booking maid service online from your smart phone is a cinch using our mobile-friendly booking page. And it only takes 1 minute!


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A house cleaning service is meant to make your life easier, not harder. And we know that includes the booking process! Dallas Maids of North Dallas has a simple and easy booking process. It only takes 60 seconds to schedule award-winning maid service in North Dallas!

Why Should You Keep Your Home Clean?

Have you been thinking of hiring a maid service in North Dallas or Far North Dallas? If you got here, it won’t be surprising to hear it was because you googled “house cleaning in North Dallas”, “maid service Dallas”, or something similar.

And if you haven’t enjoyed a professional house cleaning service before, we understand you might have a lot of questions right now. No worries! We are happy to help you find the best cleaning service for your home in the North Dallas and Far North Dallas area.

Our cleaning service is focused on adding happiness to your life by removing the burden of vacuuming, scrubbing toilets,  sanitizing your rooms, dusting, etc.  Cleaning your home demands so much time and energy. Dallas Maids of North Dallas is here so you don’t need to worry about those tedious chores.

If you live in North Dallas or Far north Dallas, there’s so many activities and beautiful places to visit. Just to name a few, you have the Valley View Midtown project, the North Dallas Galleria and the Anderson Booner Park.

With Dallas Maids of North Dallas you have the spare time to discover and enjoy your city (or even just have a lazy afternoon at home!) while our housekeepers work their cleaning-mojo magic.

At Dallas Maids of North Dallas, our work speaks for ourselves. During two decades of serving Dallas families, our house cleaning service has been recognized by being the most award-winning maid service in Dallas as well as earning hundreds of positive customer reviews!

Don’t think twice! Get yourself an award-winning clean thanks to our professional home cleaner by calling (469) 638-7660 or booking your clean online.

Less potential for the spreading of diseases

Some diseases such as salmonella and stomach flu are caused by contaminated surfaces. Some viruses can stay alive on your countertops and doorknobs for weeks!

By keeping your surfaces clean and sanitized, especially your kitchen and bathroom, you will keep you and your family safe.

Keep your allergies under control

By having fewer bacteria and dust floating around, you will reduce symptoms of allergies, especially those regarding your breathing (running out of breath, sneezing, coughing) or your skin (rashes, itching or swelling).

Besides, if you are allergic to any ingredient that was cooked in your kitchen, you need to remove any trace of it from your kitchen or dining area, and you can only do that with the proper house cleaning or disinfecting products.

Bring some peace and avoid conflict in your household

You’d be surprised to find the arguments that find their origins from deciding who’s cleaning the dishes or vacuuming carpet floors. With a professional cleaning service, you can forget about couple or family feuds!

Improve your mental health

It has been proven by science that a messy, cluttered and dirty area increases our anxiety, stress levels, and risk of making mistakes if we work from home, for example.

A clean, tidy home also removes distractions and helps you find peace, happiness, and home Zen.

Sleep better

In addition to improved mental health, you will sleep much more soundly in a clean home. The stress of having an endless cleaning list can stop us from sleeping peacefully.

Besides, a bed filled with dust mites won’t be a good place to sleep because it may cause allergic or respiratory issues. Not to mention the smell of those mystery odors. Yuck!

Give your home a quick makeover!

Dust and grease gradually accumulates over surfaces within your home without you even realizing it. Giving your home a deep cleaning will make it look, well, like home again. 

You don’t have to remodel or buy a larger home. If need to love the place you live and it’s kept clean and tidy, it will feel like a million-dollar mansion.

Maintain or increase the value of your home

You never know if you might have to move out and sell your home. It never hurts to keep or even increase its value, especially if you are getting ready for selling.

In fact, hiring a cleaning service for an open house can increase your home’s value by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Our children deserve parents that are present and that have time and energy to dedicate to them. That is hard to do when your home is a mess and you’re trying to keep it under control on your own.

By getting a maid service in North Dallas, you are clearing your agenda to spend precious time with your kids and build happy memories.

Make your kids happier

Invite friends and colleagues to your home

Many times we don’t think it’s a good idea to have family or friends over because we know our home is looking like a junkyard. If we have unexpected visitors, it’s even worse!

We all know the stress and pressure of running around trying to clean and tidy our homes in just a few minutes. If you have a maid service like Dallas Maids of North Dallas and your home is already clean, no worries!

Having a clean home is more important than you think. If you feel anything other than comfort and happiness in your own home but you can’t pinpoint exactly why try getting your home cleaned regularly! Weekly and bi-weekly services are the most popular recurring services chosen by our North Dallas customers.

It will feel like a breath of fresh air, your mental health will increase and you will have so much more time and energy to have fun and enjoy life.

Live a happier, healthier life

Why Choose Dallas Maids of North Dallas

After sharing the benefits of a clean home, you might be asking yourself: why should I hire a cleaning company instead of doing this myself?

However, you will find so many differences once you hire a professional cleaning service for the first time. You won’t ever want to go back to mopping your floors and scrubbing your shower again!

Here is what you will find if you choose Dallas Maids of North Dallas:

After sharing the benefits of a clean home, you might be asking yourself: why should I hire a cleaning company instead of doing this myself?

However, you will find so many differences once you hire a professional cleaning service for the first time. You won’t ever want to go back to mopping your floors and scrubbing your shower again!

A clean home comes with many benefits, and if someone else does it for you, it’s even better! Once you realize that your perfectly clean home is going to take endless hours of mopping and scrubbing, you will probably get demotivated.

Cleaning takes a huge physical toll on your body. Not only do you need to exert your body, but you are also exposed to toxic fumes and you get stressed if things don’t get cleaned quickly, and it might take many hours until the work is done.

Besides the actual time of cleaning, it drains your mental energy to prepare for cleaning. You need to set a time in your schedule, get all the cleaning supplies, and possibly divide tasks with your SO or your family.

This is why cleaning services are so popular nowadays. With a professional cleaning company, you forget about the concerns of cleaning yourself or hiring an independent cleaner.

Here is what you will find if you choose Dallas Maids of North Dallas:

Leave All the Heavy Work in the Hands of Professionals

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As we mentioned earlier, we prefer that our work speaks for ourselves. We believe in the exceptional work of our cleaning artists, and they know our customers except for nothing but outstanding service.

A common error for other cleaning companies is not following up on the work and consistency of their professional cleaners. That doesn’t happen in Dallas Maids of North Dallas.

We offer outstanding service for both first-time users and customers that have been with us for years. That is why we offer the Dallas Maids of North Dallas 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Within 24 hours of our service, you can contact us anytime if you consider our cleaning was not up to your standards. We will return to your home as quickly as possible to fix any areas in order to make you happy.

Feedback is the only way we can really know how our customers are feeling. We are in communication with our clients to find out how they felt about our service and what areas could be improved to always deliver a great cleaning service.

We also have a field manager inspecting your home to ensure our cleaning process is done correctly and that all areas look spotless as they should be.

We have a follow-up email created after every visit to ensure our service quality stays top-notch, and we permanently encourage customers to contact us if they have any concerns or are not happy with our service.

Best of all, we try our hardest to make our employees happy. A happy employee will feel more motivated to deliver great work and that’s one of our priorities. Besides their regular payment, we compensate employees with bonuses if they get stellar reviews from our customers.

We also have an anonymous feedback platform for our employees. We encourage them to use it if they are not feeling ok or if they have a concern or a complaint. This way, management always ensures our employees are feeling good at their job and hopefully stay with us for many years. We’ve had employees here for longer than a decade!

Constant Feedback and Improvement

Safety and Security

We understand you might be concerned of hiring a professional cleaner. After all, no one likes inviting strangers to their home.

Dallas Maids takes safety of both our customers and our employees very seriously. Dallas Maids of North Dallas is fully insured, and our cleaners are not third-party cleaners.

We hire them directly with a hiring process where we ask the right questions to ensure our cleaners are professional, responsible, and good-hearted. We also perform a background and reference check. Our cleaners are honest, hardworking people!

Needless to say, our cleaners are trained to ensure your home is cleaned and sanitized properly. After COVID-19, we’ve increased our safety standards even higher, to prevent transmission from cleaners to customers or vice versa.

You Decide What and When You Want Us to Clean

Last but not least, offering personalized service to our customers is a big priority. First of all, we have different types of services because each experience is fitted to your needs:



Besides, our booking process has many extras and instructions to make sure we deliver exactly what you need from our cleaning artists.


You can also decide how often you want us to clean your home. You can get a one-time cleaning service which is perfect for special events or occasions, or a recurring service (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) to keep your house clean and tidy all the time.


And if you don’t see the type of cleaning or frequency that you need, contact us! We are happy to accommodate special requests from our customers.

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We have gotten more and more cleaning service requests from customers in North Dallas over the years. And we’d love for you to be the next one! We also serve Dallas and Frisco as well!


Are you ready to experience our award-winning cleaning service and forget about cleaning for a while? Go ahead and book a cleaning service with Dallas Maids of North Dallas! Just book your maid service by calling call (469) 487-6669 or clicking the button below.

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