I have never had maid service, how do I get started?

by admin - March 11, 2017

If you have never had maid service, then you are in for a treat!


We make setting up maid service easy. You can book an appointment in 60 seconds. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Just call us for a free consultation.


Like many people, you may prefer to start with a detail cleaning. You can then switch to routine cleaning service at a frequency that suits you. Biweekly maid service is our most popular option.


Housecleaning is hard work, and the first service is by far the most labor intensive, as we bring your house up to our sparkling-clean standard. After the first deep cleaning, it will take much less time (on an ongoing basis) to maintain that new high level of cleanliness.


You can also schedule a first-time regular cleaning. This takes less time than a detail cleaning but is still more intensive than a recurring regular cleaning. Rest assured, no matter how we start, we do not mess around with clean.