Dallas Maids on The Broadcast, Dallas’s TV Morning Show

by Dallas Maids - September 3, 2013

Dallas Maids The Broadcast

Hello! We have some exciting news. Dallas Maids was featured on KTXD TV’s The Broadcast!

This TV Segment aired on August 6th, 2013. We had the opportunity to talk about what we know best which is cleaning!

In The Broadcast, we offered a few quick and easy cleaning tips for the viewers. First of all, we talked about organization. As you know, one of the best tips you can ever receive is to work smarter, not harder. Make sure you have all the tools you need before you start cleaning.

For example, an apron or a caddy are great tools to help you carry around all your cleaning supplies and tools at once. First of all, you save time and energy by not going around several times to get your items back. Second, you reduce the chance of spilling your cleaning products.

The next advice: stop the mess before it happens. Use rugs for collecting dirt from your shoes as you walk in. Place a small basket in your entryway for your mail and your keys.

We want to say thanks to the guys from The Broadcast for this segment. We had a great time and (hopefully!) we were able to help people in their homes too!

You can check the entire clip down below via our own YouTube Channel!