by Dallas Maids - May 3, 2020

Your health is priority #1 for us during this pandemic. We have taken significant measure to protect you and our staff during the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m happy to report staff are diligently following our safety protocols and none have become ill due to Covid-19.

Our Covid-19 protocols are outlined in Dallas Maids’ Coronavirus & Flu Policies and Procedures. Please share these procedures with any business that may find them useful to protect their customers and staff. We are all in this together.

Covid-19 Update Summary

People have been asking about the precautions Dallas Maids have been taking to protect our clientele during the pandemic. Here are the Covid-19 related posts regarding actions and updates Dallas Maids have taken to date:

3/17/2020 – Dallas Maids’ Coronavirus and Flu Policies and Procedures

3/20/2020 – Notice to Customers: Your Safety Measures

3/22/2020 – Update: Cleaning Services Declared “Essential” Business

3/30/2020 – Disinfectant Usage Instructions

3/30/2020 – Update: Precautionary Measures Working; All Staff Healthy