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HomeGuide’s Best of 2020

March 11, 2022 by admin

We’re excited to announce Dallas Maids of Frisco has been chosen by HomeGuide as one of the “Top 10” house cleaning business in Frisco!

We are 100% dedicated to adding happiness to our customers’ lives by removing the chore of cleaning. It’s an honor to be recognized for our hard work!

Paul Mazzola, Founder of HomeGuide, writes:

Dear Greg,

I’m excited to announce that you’ve been named Best of HomeGuide in 2020. Congratulations!

We looked at dozens of other pros in your area, scored you on more than 10 variables, and hand picked you to be part of the program.

This is no small feat. In fact, the Best of HomeGuide pros make up less than six percent of all HomeGuide professionals.

Hard work deserves recognition, so we’re proud to offer you our Best of HomeGuide perks. We’re placing a ribbon on your profile and quotes so customers will recognize your achievement.

I’m honored to have you on HomeGuide and excited to see you grow your business. Congratulations again!

~ Paul Mazzola, Founder of HomeGuide

Cleaning Underarm Stains with Homemade DIY Cleaners

March 9, 2022 by Dallas Maids

Cleaning Undearm Stains with Homemade DIY Cleaners - Dallas Maids

Underarm stains are mostly caused by residues of deodorant or sweat, and we are sure you can’t wait to clean them and get rid of them.

You don’t want to see yellow stains under your arms or white stains behind your neck. Fortunately, most stains can be treated.

Let’s find out why they appear in the first place and, hopefully, fix them as soon as possible using DIY methods and ingredients around your home. Keep reading to find out more!

What Are Underarm Stains?

Underarm stains are noticeable, discolored areas in the underarm area of your clothing. The type of discoloring depends on the type of fabric and the color of your shirt.

If they are white or light-colored, you might see yellow stains. If they are dark, the opposite can happen and you will start seeing white or light grey stains.

They might also give out a “blurry” feeling to the fabric.

What Can Cause Underarm Stains

There are two main causes of underarm stains: natural causes and man-made causes. They are both related to the fact of sweating (natural causes) which, as we know, causes body odor. With time, they become bigger and more and more noticeable. Not only this doesn’t look good, but it can also affect garments that you like or even with sentimental value. You might be pulling a perfect outfit only to get it ruined by underarm stains.

The answer that we have is to apply deodorant (man-made). As we know, this mitigates body odor and adds a slight fragrance.

Sweaty Shirt

Stains Caused by Sweat

Perspiration is another common cause of stains. We have glands under our arms that generate sweat, which helps us cool down if our body temperature is increasing. It could be because of exercising, or just the natural increase of temperature in your city. Dallas can reach over 100° sometimes during the year!

Stressful situations also increase your body temperature, which translates into sweat. Work, traffic and running errands are all common causes of stress increasing.

Sweat also releases components from our body that we don’t need anymore, mostly minerals. The stain is produced when they come in contact with our deodorant or antiperspirant.

Whether they came from deodorant or sweat, stains are there and need to be gone.

Stains Caused by Deodorant

Deodorant stains are extremely common. They are caused mostly by aluminum. There are two main types of products that reduce sweat and body odor: antiperspirants and deodorants.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum, deodorants don’t. When it comes into contact with our bodies, particularly our sweat, they will decolorate our clothing.

With time, you’ll start noticing yellow stains under your arms. The worst part is that it’s not a one-time issue, it just evolves slowly with time, so you’ll have to act before the stains are too noticeable or permanent.

Natural Deodorant

Cleaning Underarm Stains with Homemade DIY Cleaners

The good news is that underarm stains are not permanent! There are so many cleaning products and techniques that you can use and the best part is that you can create them at home in less than 10 minutes.

We can go from easy/simple and start trying with different cleaning agents.

The Rubbing Technique for Removing Stains

The first technique is fantastic because it doesn’t require any products, not even water. Try removing the stain by rubbing it with a nonstained piece of fabric from the same article of clothing. Because you are using the same type of fabric, this is a really gentle approach to your garment. This is especially useful for delicate fabrics such as silk.

This works particularly well for white deodorant stains, not so much for darker ones. You should try this method before adding any other product: at worst, it will have no effect.

Try Hydrogen Peroxide for Stubborn Underarm Stains

If that didn’t work, hydrogen peroxide will be a lifesaver here. As you may know, water is a great cleaning on its own, and with extra oxygen, it will be able to break down components that cause decoloration.

To start, create a cleaning solution by mixing one spoon of hydrogen peroxide, two spoons of baking soda, and ½ teaspoon of dish soap. Mixing chemicals is usually not a good idea but baking soda reacts nicely with most -if not all- household cleaning products. Plus, hydrogen peroxide is just water and oxygen.

Next, mix these three components until you form a paste and apply using an old toothbrush, and rub in a soft, circular motion. Then, let sit for 15 minutes. Finally, wash your article of clothing as per usual. 

Hydrogen Peroxide


The Good Old Vinegar Trick

When it comes to cleaning, vinegar has proven to be a jack-of-all-trades. In fact, vinegar is a great fabric softener and it can be used to remove deodorant stains for both white and colored clothes.

White cooking vinegar will do just fine. All you’ll need to do is grab your article of clothing and soak the stained area (it doesn’t need to be the entire piece) for an hour. Next, brush that same area with an old toothbrush for about 5 minutes or until you see the stain disappearing. Wash the entire garment in cold water afterward.

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Try Lemon Juice for Underarm Stains

Similar to vinegar, lemon juice is one of the most versatile natural cleaning agents. Citric acid is a popular ingredient for cleaning products and one of the easiest ways to obtain it is through lemon or oranges and you can use it for many areas or surfaces at home.

Here’s how you can use it to remove underarm stains: place two or three teaspons of fresh lemon juice in a cup of warm water. Rub it into the stained area and rub with your fingers or with a soft brush, in a soft, circular motion. Let it sit for about an hour and then wash using cold setting.

If the stains are still there, repeat the process before placing your clothes in the dryer. Remember, heat will set the stains and it will be even harder to remove later.

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Use Your Deodorant Smarter, not Harder

If you’re using antiperspirants, switch to a deodorant that has no aluminum so you can tell the difference. Now you can find no-stains deodorants that are specifically designed to avoid staining your clothing. Also, if possible, take a shower every night and use your deodorant.

Because you won’t sweat as often at night, your glands won’t be producing that much sweat, this way the deodorant can set on your underarms and perform better during the day.

You can try the natural route and go for eco-friendly or natural deodorants. They usually contain essential oils to kill bacteria and offer a fragrance, and something to absorb sweat (e.g., cornstarch, baking soda) and many people enjoy using them instead of “regular” deodorants because they won’t create stains. Take the time to test 2 or 3 natural deodorants, either homemade or manufactured, and see if you “click” with one of them!

Using Natural Deodorants to Prevent Underarm Stains

Take Good Care of Your Shirts

Good maintenance keeps many problems away.

Oxygen-based bleach, instead of chlorine bleach, is perfectly safe for both white and colored clothes and will soften stains. It will also make fabrics look brighter. Soak your clothes once in a while in a gallon of cold water next to a cup of oxygen-based bleach and you’ll notice an improvement.

Placing once cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle of your washing machine will work as a natural fabric softener. It will also help removing stains.

Avoid Underarm Stains in the Future

A good rule of thumb is that taking preventive measures always works great in the long run, and this includes sweating!

Wearing an undershirt is a great strategy. If you want to preserve your favorite garments for a long time, you could use white cotton undershirts underneath. They will absorb all your body substances (sweat, natural body oils, deodorant…) that may cause stains or decoloration.

Therefore, your most valued clothes won’t need to be washed that often since they won’t absorb smells directly, keeping them safe and sound for a long time. On top of that, you will also save on water and detergent because you won’t need to wash your clothes as often.

As for sweating, you can’t avoid that happening, for obvious reasons, but you do want to help sweat be as harmless as possible: wash your sweaty clothes as fast as possible as soon as you’ve stopped using them.

Also, wear comfortable clothing that allows sweat to leave your body. The better airflow, the quicker sweat will evaporate. Many shirts now come with a mesh fabric that allows for better ventilation, reducing the accumulation of sweat and body odor.

If you are working out at home, make sure you remove your workout clothes as soon as you finish and, if possible, hang them to air dry.

Applying Natural Deodorants


Underarm stains, either caused by sweat or by deodorant, are not pleasant to look at and can ruin your clothing. Taking extra care of your garments will make them last for years and years. Always try your cleaning solutions in a small, hidden area (the area behind your neck, for example).

Choosing the right deodorant will save you a big headache later on. And remember, if you want your belongings to last long and stay clean and sanitized efficiently, you can hire a professional service.

We ❤️ You

February 16, 2022 by Dallas Maids

I am excited to offer you an early Happy Valentine’s Day greeting. While the modern incarnation of this holiday seems to be bent toward chocolates, romantic dinners, and greeting cards, I decided this year to do a little research.

St. Valentine is a complicated guy. Supposedly he lived in Rome during the 2nd century and was a contemporary with the loathed Emperor, Claudius the Cruel. Fearing the flagging loyalty of his imperial army, Claudius outlawed marriage for all Roman soldiers. This decree went over about as well as you would expect.

Valentine, a minister in the city of Rome or possibly a bishop in Interamna (reports are unclear) bravely defied the emperor’s decree. He wed numerous couples in secret for quite some time. Eventually he was found out and beheaded for his “crime.”

The Catholic church lists two other possible St. Valentine’s – one who served in Rome and another who was a bishop in Italy. Regardless of the patron saint’s true identity, his martyrdom (all three were killed for their faith) is always connected to celebrating the special bond of love. We’ve come a long way since that time – Hallmark seems to define Valentine’s Day for us each year.

But this year I want to wish you a truly Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Dallas’ Maids. Whether you are single and simply enjoying and celebrating who you are or dating, engaged, or married and doting upon another, we want you to have a truly enjoyable Valentine’s Day. As you think about caring for yourself or someone you love, we have a special offer just for you.

Any gift card purchased by Tuesday February 15, 2022 and you will get a 2nd gift card equal to half the amount of the 1st. So, if you purchase a $500 gift card, you’ll get a 2nd one for $250.00, free! Just send us an email with your name, the purchase amount, and mention this email. Our sign of care and affection to you because you love. That is something worth celebrating.

From all of us at Dallas Maids, Happy Valentine’s Day – let’s go show the people we love how much they mean to us!

~ Greg & the Dallas Maids happiness team

Gift Card

P.S. Some of our previous Valentine’s Day posts:

Celebrating Dignity This Christmas

February 9, 2022 by Dallas Maids

Monse putting together customer's appreciation gifts

The holidays are upon us and I was wondering if I could start our annual Christmas letter this year with some data points? Festive, I know.

In 2021 more than 67% of Americans supported raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 per hour. In fact, that number has stayed above 60% for more than 5 years and only keeps increasing. Despite the country’s broad support legislation has either stalled or died in the halls of Congress under both political parties.

Meanwhile, billion-dollar corporations have capitalized on the pain and anxiety of a global pandemic. They have made over $1.3 trillion more than they had prior to the advent of the COVID-19 era. Billionaires have brandished their insane dreams of touching the stars. Meanwhile, our neighbors and friends wonder if they can continue to pay their mortgage, buy Christmas presents, or choose between a much-needed new pair of shoes or a long-overdue oil change.

As our nation shudders beneath all this economic turmoil and hardship, a personal story from just this week caused me to reflect and find hope.

What Dignity Means to Delfina

Our longest-tenured employee, Delfina opened up about her time with Dallas Maids with me earlier this week. Delfina has 15 years with our company, joining the team when we were only in our third year.

She has seen our highs and lows and provided consistent, quality service through it all. Yesterday she shared with me that because of Dallas Maids’ industry bucking pay standards, she was able to put both her daughters through college. She was so pleased to share that her choices were not between groceries or an electric bill, but between which Christmas presents to buy to spoil her children.

Delfina’s story isn’t the only one like it in our company. This year she is receiving her 15-year service award – a gold ring. We also have two staff members receiving their 10-year service award this month as well – a silver ring.

This is employee consistency in an industry that averages 300% turnover rate in a single year. Much of this consistency comes from the stellar leadership of Lupe and Monse. They manage the daily operations of Dallas Maids and their work has fostered an extended family atmosphere. Our team is able to divide the sadness amongst ourselves on the hardest days. This way, no one carries a burden alone and multiply joy in the brightest moments to celebrate things like children graduating college.

All of this is possible because you, as our customers, care about people. Dallas Maids is not the cheapest cleaning service in town. I know that – you know that. Google reviews certainly knows that! But for paying a slightly higher price our customers know that the service will be 5-star. And, more importantly, that not only will the cleaning artist cleaning their home be treated with dignity and respect. They will be the same person cleaning your home for years, having a chance to grow with the family.

The living wage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is $15.21 for a single individual and $20.43 for a couple with two children. Our employees surpass that minimum standard of pay. And that is because of a robust company culture and a customer base that values not only quality but also dignity.

I have no political pull. I can’t meander through the halls of power in this country and actuate change that will lift so many out of poverty. But, I do own a business. And I can use that business to serve customers and empower employees to work hard while earning a respectable wage that doesn’t just enable survival, but thriving.

As Christmas approaches, I wanted to share this simple moment of joy with you. Your patronage at Dallas Maids has meaning and it provides real dignity. It sends children to college, buys Christmas presents without anxiety, and puts smiles on dozens of my teams’ faces each day. That is certainly a reason to celebrate this holiday season.

Merry Christmas,

Greg and the Dallas Maids’ Happiness Team

Covid 19 Update

February 9, 2022 by Dallas Maids

Covid-19 Update

I hope this letter finds you shaking off the fog of the holidays and enjoying your new year so far. December is always such an engaging and special time of year but it’s also nice to get back to routine and life as we know it.

I’m not sure why many of us feel that way but I think it has to do with something all of us found lacking the last 2 years: stability. I like to know things are stable and I can rely on them. Of course, life throws curveballs. But overall stability is nice. Then COVID-19 struck and we all lost that unspoken element of our lives. Our compass for navigating was off-kilter.

As 2022 started I want stability. I crave it. Maybe you are like me in that way. I am glad to report that since the initial hammer dropped in March 2020 we have been gradually getting back to normal with a few hiccups along the way.

As January begins, I want to be upfront and say we are beginning to experience another of those hiccups. By now I’m sure you know that the new omicron variant is widespread nationally but also within our greater metropolitan area. Mercifully this version seems to be less severe but on the other hand it is more contagious. With this new curveball I want to let you know what we continuing to do to ensure our teams’ and your safety.

Our COVID Safety Measures

  • Team members are asked how they are feeling regularly. In the event a team member has any symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness, we will have them return home until they receive a negative COVID-19 test.
  • We will communicate openly with you about the disruption that may occur. Our team will let you know that another staff member will be serving you. Or, you can reschedule your cleaning if you prefer. Either way we will let you know that health precautions have changed our plans for the day and engage you in how to serve you best.
  • We continue to enact safety procedures we established earlier. You can read more about them here: Dallas Maids’ Coronavirus Safety Procedures
  • We ask that all customers inform us of any illness in their home or known Covid exposure within the last 5 days. This doesn’t automatically mean a cleaning will be rescheduled. Rather it warrants a conversation together to assess the risk and help everyone remain safe.

All of this stinks. I get it. I want it to be over too. If we happen to contact you to let you know something has changed, I hope the instability of it won’t get to loud or noisy in your mind. Instead, I hope you will hear myself and my team saying “we value you and don’t want to make you sick. You’re too important to us to do that.”

If 2021 taught me anything it’s that the rolling of the calendar from one year to another doesn’t mean things instantly change. But as years pass, we adapt and become more resilient. I hope 2022 is insanely predictable. Like nothing for historians to write about. Just people working, loving those around them, and going about their business. But when life throws us curveballs, we worked together to take care of each other, knowing that a change today could mean someone is healthy and alive tomorrow.

Warmest Regards and Happy New Year,

~ The Dallas Maids Happiness Team

Simply Worth the Risk – Happy Thanksgiving!

February 9, 2022 by Dallas Maids

With Thanksgiving ringing in the waning weeks of the year, I hope this season finds you healthy, safe and surrounded by those you love and who care for you.

I’m also optimistic that this year the holiday will look more like we remember. Some things may still be different, vestiges of the journey we have all been on the last 2 years. Things may be different, but in their change we have an opportunity to practice gratitude in a deeper, perhaps more reflective way.

I read an article the other day by an 87-year-old woman in the New York Times. Having battled Covid and been vaccinated she is entering the holiday season with a fresh perspective. “I have decided that life is simply worth the risk.

”What a perspective to consider this Thanksgiving. Sure, we have all taken the precautions we believe necessary to protect ourselves and those we love. This looks different for everyone and really defies a simply cookie cutter approach. But that perspective also empowers us to fully lean into the holiday. Having done all we can to be safe, we take the risk because life is simply worth it. Family is worth it. Joy, laughter, quiet moments of contentment, connecting with others. All worth the risk.

Thanksgiving: More Grateful This Year

And knowing what we do now – that life is precious and full of risk – we can be a little more grateful this year. At Dallas Maids we feel that way. The last 2 years have been the worst year on record and the best (2020 and 2021 respectively). Two years full of risk, uncertainty, and yet somehow growth and working alongside you as our customers. Would I want to do it all again willingly? Not. One. Bit.

But the lessons learned along the way, that life is risky and worth it are something we cherish. From all of us at Dallas Maids we want to simply thank you for your business. Your patronage saw us through our darkest hour and has led to new horizons for us this year. In the midst of such turmoil, you decided that taking the risk of supporting a local business to meet your cleaning needs was worth it. We will never forget that.

This holiday we are grateful for each of you, and wish you and yours the happiest thanksgiving.

Grateful Regards,


A Holiday Letter for Our Amazing Cleaning Staff

February 9, 2022 by Dallas Maids

Christmas Tree

Happiness is a hard thing to define. It certainly is different for everyone in particular ways. We call it different things: joy, delight, elation, contentment, pleasure. At its core, it’s something important that makes life not just bearable but a feeling that things are the way they should be.

While writing about happiness, a philosopher described one part of it as “time without purpose.” No chores, no errands, no bills to worry about, no mess in the kitchen to clean. Happiness in part is the ability to simply be and do whatever you want.

Philosophical ramblings are great but what does this have to do with us? By cleaning the homes of our customers, you make happiness a possibility. Hours spent cleaning after a long day vanish. Friends can gather without the host being stressed about dusting. A quiet meal can be enjoyed in front of the television or with a loved one. Games can be played, books read, conversations enjoyed – all without the distraction of folding laundry, cleaning dishes, vacuuming, dusting, taking out the garbage and the thousand other little things that pile up.

Yes, we clean homes. More than that, we make home a place of happiness because it can once more be “time without purpose”. Time spent by our customers doing whatever they love. You make that possible – you make happiness, calm, and peace at home more likely. That is something worth celebrating and being proud of.

A Happy Holiday After a Difficult Year

As 2021 began I think many of us looked to the new year in hopes that it would be a turning of the page from the trials of 2020. In some ways it has been but in others it has been very difficult – COVID-surges, price increases, rising stress levels among customers, personal struggles. All layered on top of an already beleaguered nation. I know at times each of us has felt the burnout, exhaustion, fatigue, and sadness these last two years have laid upon us. Yet through it all, you endured. You kept showing up to work, serving with excellence, and getting things done. That is no small feat.

I want to recognize each of you for the stellar work you have done and more than that, celebrate you. This Christmas, I am delighted to give each of you a larger Christmas bonus. The government has forgiven the second loan given to us to survive the Pandemic and my only thought was to use that money to thank each of you sincerely. Everyone received an individual bonus that was determined by your length of employment and your overall performance.

The holiday season is always busy for us. People want and need clean homes amidst the busyness of this season. I know with great confidence that we will continue to provide great customer service and make home a place that can be full of happiness. Equally important, I want you to enjoy yourselves and your family and friends this Christmas. I hope this holiday bonus makes this Christmas more joyous, less stressful, and gives you a chance to enjoy time without purpose – happiness.

Exceedingly grateful for each of you,


How to Deal With Difficult Customers

February 5, 2022 by Dallas Maids

How to Deal with Difficult Customers - Dallas Maids

As a company that offers cleaning services, we get to deal every day with all types of customers. This can become a pleasant experience because human interaction can feel rewarding, positive and constructive. However, especially when interacting with people in a position of power, it can turn into a big problem.

Let’s read how to make our best to spot difficult customers right away and how to deal with them through every step of our service.

Prepare In Advance

Gathering as much knowledge about the situation before going in is a huge advantage. There are two factors that you (ideally) would know beforehand: your service and your customer.

The first one speaks for itself: knowing your service is fundamental. Particularly, knowing what are you offering, what are you not offering, what is considered an “extra” and how much you should charge for it, and what services or tasks are within the legal and moral boundaries of your company.

The second fact that can help you is knowing the customer and obtaining information about them (if you have the chance).

If this person has hired several cleaning services before, finding out why they switched is important. Was the reason merely a financial issue? Or was it a personality clash between the customer and the company? Did the customer cancel the service or was it the previous company?

Good customers will often remain neutral and objective when explaining why they are switching companies, focusing on the facts instead of their feelings. If the customer was not happy with their previous service, or if they are demeaning towards the previous company or worker, it could be a bad sign.

Prepare in Advance Researching

Communicate Properly With Your Customers

When talking to the customer, it is important to let them know a detailed list of what your service includes, if possible, with a written copy (emailed, available on a website, etc.) both before and after offering the service. You also want to listen if they have any questions or comments about the service they’ve hired.

Avoiding unmet expectations will help you avoid angry customers later on. Be clear and make sure the other person knows what they’re getting. Customers tend to assume or believe that certain tasks are within the service, such as watering plants, cleaning inside the cabinets or doing the laundry, for example.

These speculations will not happen if communication is clear.

Terms of Service for Cleaning Company

Listen to the Customer

Sometimes, customers have had a bad day and they just want to vent.

Active listening is crucial. Saying “hmm”, “I understand” while they’re explaining the issue, will make them feel heard and valued.

Another important step is to let them offer the solution. Listen to what they come up with. It might be just what you were thinking, but if you let them say it, they will be the ones deciding what’s happening next, instead of just having to “agree” or compromise to the solution you come up with.

Transform the Problem Into a Win-Win Situation

Even though you’d want nothing else to do with this customer after your service, while you’re still at it you need to stay professional and try -all within reasonable boundaries- to turn this into a positive outcome for both parties.

Compromising and setting boundaries are two good examples of positive behavior. Knowing when to switch between each one is a skill that can be improved with time.

Remember: when an issue arises, a difficult customer is usually in a position of “customer vs employee”. The goal here is to change this into “employee AND the customer vs the problem”.

This means that the focus should not be on the person that “created” the problem, but more on the problem itself and how to find ways to fix this and go from “bad experience” to “positive outcome” at the end.

Difficult customers -with a few exceptions- are able to change their ways, especially after a problem was fixed successfully and handled professionally.

Compromising With Your Customers

If there’s an issue and both parties have a different understanding of what the solution should be, there has to be compromising. When explaining why their solution is not possible, make sure you highlight the positive aspects of their solution. “I like the idea of…” “While I think it’s effective to do X…I won’t be able to perform this task because Y”

After doing so, offer an alternative. “However, I’d be happy to do Z if you agree, which will achieve the same purpose” “What if I do Z? This will fix the issue because…”.

Compromising with Customer - Dallas Maids

Setting Boundaries

It is important to set boundaries for a) The services you will offer as well as “extra” steps that you will do (e.g., repeating a task if the customer is not happy, performing a task a certain way); and b) To the way you and your staff gets treated.

While it is important to scale the argument down, once the customer gets aggressive or disrespectful is time to disengage from the conversation. There’s no need to yell or insult back, just walking away sets a boundary and shows them that you will not tolerate their behavior. 

Let’s say you and/or the customer have come up with a solution. Before proceeding, always make sure you’re on the same page with the client by saying: if I do this, will you be happy/satisfied?

This is a good way of setting boundaries. Otherwise, you may fix the situation but the customer will say they’re still unhappy and want you to do the same task again and again.

There’s a very fine line between spending a little extra time to ensure the client’s satisfaction, and spending hours and hours for a customer that won’t be happy, no matter what you do.

Avoid Negative Reviews from Customers

In the present day, negative reviews are not only word-to-word, but they are also present online for everyone to see (just as your positive reviews) and they do impact your business. There are hundreds of different companies competing to offer the same service, so each review counts.

This is why you should deal with issues fast before the customer decides on posting a negative review. That is besides offering excellent service, of course. Questions such as “What can we do in order to fix this?” should be asked when contacting the customer. In the long run, it is much more effective to offer a second cleaning service for free to “fix” the areas that the customer was not happy with.

Make sure you don’t focus on the problem or the person/people at fault. Instead, offer a sincere apology and offer a solution/listen to the customer’s requirement to change its opinion.

Keep Contact with Other Companies

Small businesses owners and managers, more often than not, know of each other and even have a cordial relationship. Healthy competition between companies is not only achievable but helpful because it allows you to share valuable information. And one piece of information that everyone should know is bad customers.

Sometimes customers are not problematic or difficult. Maybe they are not the right fit for your company, in terms of budget, type of service, standards, etc. In this case, referring them to a different company could be a good solution.

That being said, if you feel like they’re going to cause a problem everywhere they go, it might be smarter to contact the other company first about this customer and their needs and see if they’d be interested in offering their services.

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Contacting Other Cleaning Companies

Earn Feedback From Your Customers

Even if your service was excellent, the customer will feel heard and valued if you seek feedback from them. If they were not happy with your service, make sure you take notes of every detail that they found unpleasant, and work on a solution to change this.

And if they did like the service, ask for feedback too! Ask for 2 or 3 random tasks that were part of the cleaning checklist and confirm that they were performed properly.

Ask for feedback regularly. For example, after the first service, the fifth service, and then once a year. Make sure customers know they can always leave their questions or comments through your communication channels, especially social media.

Of course, each customer may have different opinions about what they would change. This covers different areas such as performance, customer service, efficiency, and even what tasks they found unnecessary or irrelevant.

Growth is not possible without change and healthy self-criticism, and getting that from someone outside the company is more than valuable.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Lose a Problematic Customer

Finally, if the customer is not open to compromising or expressing how they would feel happy, it could be in your best interest to let go of this customer. This is true particularly when they were aggressive or dismissive to your staff.

Serving people that were disrespectful without a valid reason is not a pleasant experience. If customers are important, the staff is just as important, if not more so. A happy staff will take care of their jobs and their clients on their own initiative.

Simply saying “we are not a good fit” is a polite and neutral response. It also allows you to stay out of any drama and, again, not focus on the problem, just stating the facts.

However, keep in mind this should be the absolute final step, and think this through before losing a customer, especially if it’s a long-time customer.

Setting Boundaries With Customers


Earning the client’s trust and satisfaction is not easy, but by communicating and focusing on the solution you’ll be able to keep the majority of good clients. And don’t feel bad if you have to lose one or two over the years!

Not pleasing everyone is unfortunate, but it is a natural experience in our personal and professional lives, especially when managing a company. Just make sure you did everything within your power to avoid this while respecting your company and your staff.

Dallas Maids Picked as Local Favorite on Nextdoor

November 9, 2021 by Dallas Maids

Nextdoor Dallas Maids Cleaning Favorite

Hi everyone! We’re so excited to share the good news. We’re honored to be picked as a Local Favorite on the Nextdoor website!

Thank you so much to the guys at Nextdoor! We’re humbled and thankful that they recognize our service to the community as a cleaning company.

What Is Nextdoor?

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Dallas Maids: Local Favorite On Nextdoor

We’re proud to announce that our site was picked as a local favorite on Nextdoor. This means that plenty of neighbors recommend our service as one of the best cleaning services in Dallas.

Our dedication to making our customers happy with their cleaning has earned Dallas Maids numerous awards and recognition. This is another example of that and we couldn’t be happier about it.

We take pride in the quality of our job and being recognized in the community is very important to us. Above all, we’re always happy to be of service.

Neighborhood favorite 2021 Nextdoor

Our Cleaning Service

We are happy to help people with residential cleaning services to make everyone’s lives easier. We offer the following services:

1) Recurring Home Cleaning (weekly, biweekly, and monthly house cleanings)

2) One-Time House Cleaning (regular, detail, and move in/out cleaning)

3) Emergency and/or Last Minute Cleaning

4) Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning

5) Extras (Laundry, interior window cleaning, oven cleaning, etc.)

And if you don’t see the exact type of service that you’re looking for, just contact us!

Thanks again to the guys at Nextdoor for this award and we invite people in Dallas to check us out at Nextdoor!

Short On Time? Try This Awesome 3-hour Weekly Cleaning Schedule

November 3, 2021 by Dallas Maids

3 Hour Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Is this your only day off and you want to tackle your entire home in just 3 hours? Talk about a challenge! Don’t worry, let’s make sure you’ll be able to maximize your time and energy and come up with a much more presentable home space at the end of the day with this 3-hour weekly cleaning schedule.

Before starting, make sure you find a stopwatch to track the time for each room. All smartphones nowadays come with this feature. Make sure to customize this guide as you wish. Let’s get right to it! 

What Makes My Home Take Longer to Clean?

This is not an easy question to answer because it depends on multiple factors.

First of all, the actual square footage is important, for obvious reasons. The bigger the area, the longer you’ll spend cleaning, because not only the floor area is bigger, but also the walls and roof as well.

Another area that plays a huge role is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Let’s think of this example: let’s say you have two 1200 sq ft apartments. They can have two completely different layout: a quiet, small Dallas town will not have the same demand as an upscale New York apartment.

The family that has been thought for the household during the design process also plays a key role here.

This means that, although they have the same square footage, you might have a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartment or a 2 bed, 1 bathroom 1-story house. Adding more rooms and especially service areas (such as bathrooms) will increase the time that requires to clean everything.

Finally, your lifestyle is definitely the leading decisive factor here. Depending on how much time you spend at home, whether you have kids or pets, and how many activities you perform, the time that demands cleaning can be significantly higher.

Why Should You Clean Using a Schedule?

Life can be hectic, and sticking to a schedule, in general, is not easy. Your routine gets challenged all the time with inconveniences, traffic, and other unexpected events.  

But even if your day goes by smoothly, you still need some mental and physical energy to get started with cleaning. Your brain is already tired from organizing your day as it goes, which is why you should optimize all recurrent tasks as much as possible.

By creating a schedule, you’ll speed up the process because you can jump straight to it. Besides, you’ll be less likely to question or “skip” part of the cleaning routine since all chores have been added from the start, instead of adding them from scratch each time you need to clean. 

Whether you’re using your smartphone to keep track of your cleaning schedule or going old school by handwriting and/or printing, having a routine already set for you is going to make it easier, and you can adapt it as you go and add or remove as many tasks as you wish.

Organizing Cleaning Schedule

How Much Time Should It Take You to Clean Your Home?

Again, a very complex question. A three-bedroom, 2-bathroom home where two adults and two kids live, might take between 2 to 4 hours to be cleaned every week.

Consider all the previous factors: square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and your lifestyle. They will be able to increase or decrease this time. Every household is different and therefore, there’s no magic recipe for cleaning.

Also, keep this in mind: if all family members hop in and are old enough to help with cleaning the entire house, you’ll be able to do the same in much less time, or achieve much more during the same number of hours.

Why A 3-Hour Cleaning Schedule Might Work for You

This 3-hour schedule comes with just the right number of tasks to take care of all the essential rooms in your home, but without giving away an entire day or weekend.

A 3-hour period is just long enough to cover all important areas, but it can also be squeezed first thing in the morning so you can have the rest of the day free, or maybe right after dinner.

You can also split this into two or three blocks, but this is not ideal. Once you start cleaning, you’ll build momentum which will help you get things done faster. If you choose to split that, it will take you several times to get back on track.

Besides, you never know if any compromises arise during the day, and this means that you might not be able to complete your cleaning schedule. 

Of course, do what works for you, as long as you’re able to complete your cleaning routine.

Cleaning Schedule Computer and iPhone

Can I Incorporate Family Members into My Cleaning Schedule?

Of course you can! The more, the merrier.

Adding multiple family members (that are physically and mentally capable of performing cleaning tasks safely, of course!) will make this a more positive experience.

If you have kids, they will understand the importance of keeping a clean and tidy home, and will be more likely to help you more and more with cleaning as they grow.

Having other adult family members is great news too, because more grown-ups can take care simultaneously of “grown-up” tasks, such as handling cleaning gadgets or cleaning supplies.

Plus, it can become a tedious cleaning routine into a fun project! You can switch chores every week so that everyone gets to do a different one, which will help you keep tasks varied enough. 

Getting Ready for Your Cleaning

Now, once all tasks have been split, it’s time to gather your family members and all your cleaning supplies, gadgets, garbage bags and start with your cleaning schedule.

Because this cleaning involves different areas, you are going to need a broom, cleaning brushes, a duster, microfiber cloths and, possibly, a vacuum (keep reading to find out whether you will need it or not).

If you prefer more natural, DIY cleaning products, you should grab some vinegar, either cooking vinegar or cleaning vinegar will do the job. Multi-purpose cleaner and baking soda can be necessary for certain areas of your home as well.

Deodorizer and floor cleaner should be present as well. You can choose between scented or non-scented if you have allergies or just don’t like fragrance.

Buying cleaning products in bulk is always cheaper in the long run, so keep that in mind if you plan to create a consistent cleaning schedule.

All you cleaning agents should be tested first in a small, hidden area. Once you have all your cleaning gadgets, materials and supplies it’s time to get started!

Month Calendar With Red Pins

Start Your Weekly Cleaning with Your Bathroom

Bathrooms should be the first place to start (along with the kitchen) because you will probably need to let sit cleaning solutions for a while. Whatever cleaning agent you choose, they’ll work more efficiently if they have at least 10 minutes to act on the surface.

Besides, this is beneficial for you in the long run because, considering that they have had time to act on their own, you’ll need less time and effort to rub and scrub, which will give you more energy to finish other tasks faster.

On top of that, if your bathroom doesn’t have windows, it will take longer to dry and that’s the perfect scenario for bacteria and mold to grow. Especially in places with high humidity, such as Dallas.

You can start with your toilet, by adding your favorite cleaning product and letting it sit. Make sure you scrub your bathroom floor, your shower (especially the corners!), and don’t forget your sink.

If you are super quick, you’ll finish in under 20 minutes. Let’s say you have 2 bathrooms so this will take you 40 minutes in total.

Clean Attic Bathroom

Next On the Cleaning Schedule: The Kitchen

This is probably the hardest room to tackle because there’s so much to do and little time for each task. Same as your bathroom: let cleaning solutions sit for a while on your appliances and countertops first. It’s a good idea to also stack and run your dishwasher at this point.

You probably won’t have the time to clean your entire fridge but at least make sure to wash your frequently used shelves and drawers (removing the food first, of course!) Dry them and put them back in place.

By now, your appliances, countertops, and other surfaces should be ready to go. Make sure you clean them using warm water to improve your results and wipe them using a clean, microfiber cloth.

This process will easily take 40 minutes so make sure to set your timer. At this point, you probably are a bit tired. You can take a quick break but try not to lose momentum! You might also set a timer for your resting time.

Clean White Kitchen

Don’t Forget to Put Your Living Room in the Cleaning Schedule

Alright, the worst is over! Now let’s get to the living room. If you don’t know where to start, stand on a point where you have a complete view of your living room. Assess the area and find out what’s making more “noise” in your living room, and tackle that first.

You will probably have cushions out of place and a messy coffee table. Get rid of the mess and remove the dust from all your surfaces using a microfiber cloth. You can also wipe your TV screen and other electronics.

Next on the Cleaning Schedule: Your Bedrooms

Now, we’re almost done! Bedrooms should be one of the easiest rooms to tackle within your cleaning schedule.

A reasonable goal involves changing the sheets, sweeping your bedroom floors, and removing dust from your headboard, dressers, and nightstands.

If you have stuff over your surfaces that don’t belong there, make sure you will put them away. Besides making your bed, this will create the biggest visual impact and will set apart a messy bedroom from a clean one.

Let’s say you have 3 bedrooms. Cleaning each one for 20 minutes will take away one hour in total!

Clean White Bedroom

Let’s Save The Floors for Last

Now that you’re done, let’s save floors for last. You want to do it this way so that any dust or dirt on top of surfaces that you cleaned previously, will fall on the floor and be ready to be cleaned.

Sweep them and, if possible, mop them. You can try a mix of vinegar, hot water, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. If you have pets (especially dogs) you might want to add a floor deodorizer. Perhaps it won’t be necessary every week, but definitely once a month.

Always test your cleaning mix in a small, inconspicuous area, especially if you have different types of floors. Vinegar and deodorizers are fairly safe to use for almost every type of floor, but essential oils are a bit more tricky. They might stain certain types of flooring, at some of them are dangerous to use around dogs and cats.

Make sure you do some research first about that specific cleaning agent and its reaction to your environment.

If you are going to mop, make sure to start within the furthest room and work towards the room you’re planning on staying in after you’re done (for example, your living room).

If you’re fast you could get this done in less than 20 minutes in a small apartment.

Clean Wooden Floors

When Do I Vacuum?

You might be thinking at this point (especially if you have carpet floors!): when do I vacuum?

The truth is, considering all the previous tasks, you might not have enough time to vacuum within a 3-hour schedule. Not only because of the time but also because of the effort that takes vacuuming on top of doing all your cleaning, especially if you’re doing this solo.

Vacuuming is recommended at least once a week, or twice a week if you have kids and/or pets. According to research, vacuuming offers additional benefits if performed daily. In this case, adjust vacuuming into your schedule as you see convenient.

Let’s say you are taking Sunday morning for your weekly cleaning. It might be a good idea to vacuum Sunday afternoon, and then again on Wednesday, for example.

The Downside of a Weekly Cleaning Marathon

Cleaning marathons are not always a good idea. Many people can find them exhausting. You may end up not wanting to do anything else for the day and avoid cleaning down the road.

There’s a possibility that they make you feel frustrated for letting your home get “this” messy. But maybe, because of your agenda, this might be the perfect solution for you.

It never hurts to try what works for your routine and lifestyle, and cleaning is not an exception. Always try to find a healthy balance between having a clean home, enjoying your time with friends, family or by yourself, and resting.

Organizing Schedule With Cup of Coffee


That’s it! 3 hours go by so fast when you’re busy and focused.

Even if you keep your home mostly clean & tidy, you will probably need to dedicate some time every week to keep things under control. Make sure you adapt this schedule as you wish, adding or removing other areas. You can also give it more or less time, after all every household is different so make sure this works for you.

What if you don’t make it every week? Remember you can always hire a cleaning service and let them take care of the heavy stuff.

How did this challenge work for you? Did it take you longer than 3 hours?