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Dallas Cleaning Tips – Household Inventory

July 2, 2021 by Dallas Maids

Dallas residents can relate to all other people living an urban lifestyle. Given city living, time is always at a premium. City life does have its luxuries and advantages, but a high-stress, high-speed lifestyle defines it.

clean kitchen

We’ve all been there; you come home after a productive yet tiresome day at work, only to be greeted by a mess that needs cleaning. Dallas is one of the cheapest among iconic US cities, so people, in general, can afford to buy larger homes.  Of course, the bigger the house, the bigger the mess.

The only option is to sacrifice our weekends and leisure time to catch up on housework. Still, nobody wants to do that.

This article aims to provide you with some valuable tips that will help you to cut back on cleaning time.

1.   Inventory your items

You will accumulate many items and appliances over the years. Also, human psychology tends towards the sunk cost fallacy.

This fallacy makes us very reluctant to change or discard things or items due to the invested effort. You don’t have to be a hoarder to realize that you do not need some of your stuff. We often keep large, voluminous appliances that we use once every few years. But we paid for it, so we’re not going to throw it away, and it’s too old to give away as a gift.

As mentioned, Dallas is a relatively cheap city to live in, so you can afford more items.  

The more items you have, the more you will have to clean. So what’s the solution? Should you throw away furniture and appliances that are redundant or rarely used? The answer is obviously: no.

The first step consists of an honest inventory. Set aside an afternoon and just look around. Think about what is actually helpful. Don’t think about what “would be cool to use,” like your walnut-shaped cookie maker.

We both know that you’re never going to make those cookies enough to justify keeping the appliance. The same goes for your clothes. The modern person has way too many sets of clothes while complaining that “there’s nothing to wear.”

2.   Make or rent storage space.

You don’t have to throw out anything. Investing in storage space allows you to free up your home while still getting to keep everything. Dallas has locations that will enable customers to rent space for affordable rates.

Cleaning Ladies

Or, you can try to construct more storage space inside your home. Either way will cost you, and it depends on how many items you need to store.

For example, there are small shelves that you can attach magnetically to your fridge. This is especially useful for those who do not have a pantry or their kitchen is very small. You will gain a few feet of extra space just with those. It is also possible to invest in hideaway pantry cabinets.

Most cabinets are taller than they need to be. You can take advantage of that heigh by stacking plates or condiments. However, it looks crowded and messy. It is also a hassle to take something from the bottom of the stack.

Consider buying extra shelves for these cabinets, along with beautiful hanging baskets that can hold fruit or condiments. The baskets can double as decorations.

While there isn’t a need for an extensive collection of seasonal items such as winter clothes in Dallas, you can share rented storage space with your neighbors. Storing seasonal items and sporting equipment is a good idea.

Clean kitchen


Why clean more than you have to? By getting rid of clutter and rarely used items, you can better use the space you have. Cleaning sessions will be quicker, and your home will look organized and uncluttered.   

The Armed Forces Admirable Dedication to Cleanliness

May 31, 2021 by Dallas Maids

A Memorial Day Special

American Flag in a Field

Most of us live lives of relative safety, far from anything that could threaten our security. But that safety is hard-won by the sacrifice of people willing to lay down their lives. In essence, many cultures, such as the Romans, had a day of remembrance for their fallen heroes.

Our modern incarnation of Memorial Day started after the Civil War when General John A. Logan poetically mentioned the soldiers “whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land.”  A national commemoration day was started, urging all of us to place a flower on a fallen hero’s grave.

Keeping with the themes of honoring our brave armed forces, fallen and living, let’s talk about something a little counter-intuitive: cleaning—namely, the admirable focus on cleaning and how it promotes discipline.

You wouldn’t think that warriors were the prim and proper types. The stereotype about fighting personnel is that they are gruff and tough, with little care for the small particularities of life.

A desire born of need and pride

Used to action movies and little else, a raw recruit might find it surprising just how much of his time will be spent cleaning and maintaining both his equipment and surroundings. In fact, most of the military’s efforts are spent on getting things to work.

The most significant proportion of people will never see combat. Logistics, supply, research, and support jobs will make up most of the list.

Combat personnel or not, all military staff learn to take pride in their appearance. In fact, many standard men’s wardrobe items have military origins. From raincoats to dress shirts and jackets, these items entered the civilian market due to military surplus.

You quickly learn to iron and maintain your clothes and clean your living quarters. The standard requirements would put even the most hardened civilian neat-freak to shame. In the armed forces, chores are a right of passage, a mild hazing ritual, and a necessity.

Soldiers going home

Speaking of Memorial Day and the Civil War, have you seen a picture of those soldiers? Their uniforms look great, and their facial hair was on point. Their appearance recommended them not only as people but as disciplined warriors.

Why this focus on cleanliness and appearance?

First, there is the question of pride and humanity. In the Civil War alone, an estimated 640,000 people died. War is a dirty and dehumanizing endeavor, so clinging to your dignity allows you to survive it with your soul intact.

A soldier should stand proud, as his calling is a profession born from sacrifice and toil. Where it can be helped, order, discipline, and cleanliness will be maintained.

The second factor that drives a need for cleanliness is pragmatism. After all, Memorial Day celebrates those who have fallen, first and foremost. An unknown fact is that disease was the primary killer in war before the modern age, not the enemy swords and cannons.

Ailments born from uncleanliness and lack of resources were known to ravage entire armies. Dysentery was especially lethal during the Civil War. Even modern wars from the last century had disease outbreaks due to unclean conditions and lice.

It makes sense to enforce cleanliness strictly due to a soldier’s propensity for getting sick. Also, cleaning equipment tends to prolong its usefulness. You are halfway across the world, and you can’t just jump into the nearest store and replace something.


Discipline is about doing things that are unpleasant to do because they must be done. This is a broad category, fitting both cleaning and fighting. Nothing ruins the appearance of discipline more than dirty sleeping quarters or a wrinkled and neglected uniform.

There is something admirable in the look of a soldier, as he manages to stand tall amongst the most hostile conditions in the world.

4 American Flags

Growing Pains. Growing Together.

April 26, 2021 by Dallas Maids

Dallas Maids Logo Green and Gold

To our valued customers,

I hope this letter finds you doing well and enjoying Spring 2021. Although it’s not normal, it’s certainly better than the lockdowns topsy turvy existence we were embarking upon in Spring 2020.

You may have noticed that since the snow storm earlier this year, our team has been a little harder to schedule. Specifically, we have been very challenged since early March with extraordinary high demand for our cleaning services.

First and foremost, as the owner of Dallas Maids, I want to acknowledge our temporary limited availability to clean each of your homes as regularly as you may be accustomed. I also want to acknowledge that in the midst of a surge in business (a great problem!) we have likely missed a thing or two along the way (a bad problem). With so many customers we are serving, I’m not sure entirely what that may have looked like for you. Possibly a late arrival to clean your home, or maybe missing an appointment. Maybe we couldn’t clean your home as soon as you would have liked. Maybe our availability didn’t match your schedule.

Whatever the source of less-than-ideal service, I want to let you know we are working feverishly hard to serve you still. As we have built a relationship with each of you, we have come to think of you as family. When we clean your home, we treat it like we are cleaning our own. So any disruption to your service, no matter how minor, we own and feel badly about.

As some of you may have noticed, we have been a little harder to schedule. Nearly halfway into Spring and with COVID-19 vaccines more widely available (thankfully), people are eager to spruce up their homes. Not only our regular customers, but an unprecedent surge of new clients as well. We are excited about this! But, as with any business, a sudden influx in demand high as this can expose areas for growth. In our case, the growth was easy to identify – we need more excellent talent!

Since March we have been looking to hire a few more top tier staff members. Our approach to serving our customers and building our team is simple: build the best team to deliver the best service. That philosophy drives our hiring process. It is why we pay our staff more than the market average for their work and treat them with benefits few others do. We want to attract, develop, employ, and retain the best in the business.

This high standard is lofty and as a result, time consuming. We have received over 200 applications since March. Of those 200 applications, we hired 1 new team member. If you like math, you’ll know that means 0.5% of all applicants are offered a position at Dallas Maids. (If you don’t believe me, feel free to use your calculator – I had to so no shame here 😉).

I always tell my management team it is better to turn away business because lack of home cleaners than to hire mediocre talent, pressured by demand. Our commitment to hiring and building the best team has, however principled, resulted in some minor lapses in our service to you.

I wanted to just take a brief moment to explain the situation more fully to each of you. As our business grows, so must our team. We are grateful for the exponential growth and doing our best to staff our team to meet each customer’s specific cleaning needs.

We look forward to continuing to serve each of you in the coming months. In the interim, in the event our team is unable to meet a specific need despite our best efforts, please email me directly at greg@dallasmaids.com.

Happy Spring and warmest regards,

Greg Shepard

P.S. Get a $400 cleaning credit for helping us find help!

We Need Your Help Finding Help

April 25, 2021 by Dallas Maids

We're Hiring!

Happy Spring and Easter! We are so glad to have the winter in the rearview mirror and seeing our world coming back to some form of normal.

As the economy continues to strengthen and people settle into more predictable routines, we have a good problem that I wanted to ask for your help with – we need help! As people leave the house more, travel more, and reengage in their communities (YAY!) we have seen a huge spike in customer requests for cleaning. As our customers, you each know how much care we take in having a professional, hard-working, trustworthy, and kind-hearted team.

This is a weird request, I know. But we need top talent. And to find quality, we need quantity. Therefore, we are trying everything we can think of (like asking you!) to find as many applicants as possible. So, would you be willing to help us find our next cleaning artists?

You know our people. You know we work hard and above all, we care about our customers and each other. Would you be willing to pass along our contact information to people you think would be a good fit? Or you can just forward this email along to anyone you think might be interested.

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that we thrive together. With your recommendation comes a special offer from us. If your referral is hired and stays with our team for 3 months, you will get a . . .

$400 cleaning credit for each new employee

Cleaning is our purpose – customers are our passion. And we want you to help us reach more people with your recommendations. You can point anyone interested to the link below fill out their application. Please have them note that you recommended them to us. That will speed up the process and ensure you get your cleaning credit!

As always, thank you for your time and support. I am grateful for each of you and would love to have your help finding the next member of our team.

Our very best,

~ Dallas Maids’ happiness team

3 Quick Cleaning Tips for San Jacinto Day

April 21, 2021 by Dallas Maids

So, which is harder to prepare for: the big holidays, or the smaller ones? Of course, the notion of a “big” holiday is highly subjective, as we each choose to respect and hold different celebrations. 

We will only be discussing holidays in terms of the time off we can get from work and how much free time we can allocate to prepare for them. Certain occasions such as Christmas have an entire season dedicated to them, followed shortly by New Year’s. 

Employers are also willing to grant more time off during Spring Break, Lent, or Easter. This gives workers a chance to vacation, but also to clean and prepare their homes. 

Meanwhile, Labor Day, MLK Day, or San Jacinto Day are seen as mostly one-off, one-day occasions. This is why these days are arguably harder to prepare for because you only have a very short time to clean, cook, or make preparations. There is no “season” attached to these days.

Assuming you are expecting company or just want to prepare for San Jacinto Day, here are some quick-fire cleaning tips that can at least get rid of the most obvious messes on your property:

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

While most of this article will focus on DIY solutions, it should be mentioned that the least time-consuming option is to rent out a cleaning professional. Pop culture hurts most people in this regard because only rich people are often portrayed as being able to contact such a service. That picture is far from accurate. 

The truth is that market competition has driven down cleaning prices, making them more affordable for even middle-class people. This is especially true in areas where there are no apparent monopolies and dozens of companies are competing for a limited market share. 

It will cost you, but you will get to enjoy more of that precious, limited, free time. 

Pick the Right Cleaning Products

Mindfulness is useful, even while doing chores. If one were to observe the cleaning process, one would find that you spend a quarter of time cleaning off the residue of the cleaning solution itself. Although effective at dissolving dirt and killing bacteria, many detergents and cleaning products will leave a trail. 

A persistent layer of fatty scum can accumulate, forcing you to rinse, wait for the foam to clean, and repeat. 

Non-soapy soaps are both literally and figuratively “the solution.”

So, even though the name persists, some market “soaps” are not soaps at all. The name remained out of inertia and brand recognition. 

These non-soap products are just as effective as soaps while reducing the scum buildup and soap stains that usually come with the territory. 

Using these products can save you a lot of time during a quick scrub-down. 

Microfiber Cloths 

Few things can improve cleaning more than microfiber cloth. Most people use paper towels to wipe away residue, absorb fat, and wipe surfaces. Yet, paper towels are disposable by nature, and constantly discarding them can get expensive if you are on a budget. 

Paper towels can also leave paper lint, which is white and highly visible. In addition, even though they seem smooth to the naked eye, their structure is somewhat rough. Paper towels can scratch delicate surfaces, even though they are made from soft paper. 

Microfiber cloths solve all of these problems. They are dirt-cheap, can be bought in bulk, can be re-used, and color-coded for each room. You will save a lot of time by reducing the lint problem alone. 


There is no such thing as a free lunch. Cutting corners will cost you in one way or another. Even during quick-fire cleaning sessions, you will still have to do the same jobs, taking the same steps. Therefore, if you can’t skip steps, the least you could do is get better tools and materials.

If you can afford it, simply hire a cleaner for a day. They can prep your house even while you are at your job. If not, focus on cutting down the busy work of dealing with lint or soap scum. It may not seem like much, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. 

Easter Cleaning Guide: Get your home ready in no time.

April 4, 2021 by Dallas Maids

Easter is fast approaching and it’s going to be a very busy weekend if you’re having guests over. While you prepare and remember to look for our codes for a Free Clean! relax and read this Cleaning Guide, because don’t you think spring cleaning is due? It doesn’t matter if you’re having just one guest or a lot of people over, you need to ensure that your home is comfortable for them. There’s nothing better than seeing your visitors comfortable and feeling at home when they come over. Let’s look into cleaning and getting your home ready for Easter. Each area of the home needs to be given special attention. Let’s start from the living room.

Each area of the home needs to be given special attention. Let’s start from the living room.

Living Room

This is where you usher your guests in when they come. It connects them to the rest of your home. Your living room arrangement and cleanliness will tell a lot about you. If you want to give off a good perception, then you should take time to clean out your living room this Easter. Arrange your furniture beautifully and clean them also. If there are sofa pillows, arrange them well by the sofa. Also, clean out your rugs to get rid of dust.


You’re probably going to prepare meals and snacks to serve your guests. Clean your kitchen by touching areas that are often neglected such as the stovetop, microwave, ovens, deep freezer, refrigerator, counters, and cupboards. You may also scrub your kitchen tiles if need be. Ensure that there isn’t any speck of dust or dirt left. If you will serve with chinaware, be sure to wash them and dry them out.

Dining Room

Remember that Easter is a holiday season to be spent with family and friends. Of course, there’s going to be eating and drinking. The dining room hosts this aspect. Therefore, you need to take out time to clean and arrange it. Make sure the dining table and chairs are well set and can be used without any inconvenience.

After cleaning your home, you need to go the extra mile to make sure your guests are comfortable. You want to give them an unforgettable pleasing experience, don’t you? How do you do this? If you are having quite a large number of people over, there’s every tendency that they would converse in small groups and then go back to general discussions. It would be nice to arrange your home in a way that would accommodate small private discussions. The sofas and chairs need to be comfortable for people of all ages. You can also incorporate side sofas and stools.

When it comes to serving them meals, you have kitchen sets you reserve for special occasions. Take them out and prepare to treat your guests like royalty.

A Little Design Doesn’t Hurt

You can bring out your inner creativity this Easter and do something wonderful! Yes, we’re talking about your home design. Do little adjustments here and there, and add a few touches to the interiors. You can choose a theme. It could be an elegant religious Easter theme, floral theme, and more. Whichever one you think would be perfect for your home decor is what you should use. 

Scent Matters Too

It isn’t just enough if your home looks good. Scent matters too. The way your home scents or smells can make it inviting or not. You can use scented candles for your bathrooms and bedrooms, and floral scents for the living room. You don’t need to add any scent to the dining room as food aroma will do the job.

As a finishing touch to your Easter home cleaning, you can take out some clutter. Go around the house and make sure that there aren’t any useful things lying around. This would make your home much cleaner and make the air fresher. You can also use flower vases in different sections of your home to make it appealing and inviting. You could decide to use natural flowers or artificial ones. Whichever one you choose, it should correspond to your home design.


If you still have more questions check out our spring cleaning FAQ’s, there are still more Cleaning Guides coming. There’s more to being a good host than just serving food and drinks. How comfortable your guests are matters a lot. This is why you should take out time this Easter to clean out your home and make it pleasing to your guests.

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

April 1, 2021 by Dallas Maids

With society submerged in social distancing for the previous 12 months, life became sooo virtual.  Zoom meetings, remote schooling for the kiddos, ordering groceries online for delivery, Amazon…

So, for this Easter, we thought adding some fun for our favorite folks with a virtual Easter egg hunt.

The eggs are scattered throughout www.dallasmaids.com and rewards range from $10.00 to $100.00. Find all the eggs and get a free home cleaning.

If you find one of the eggs (right), click on it for the discount code. For example, clicking on the $10 magenta egg would have the larger magenta egg (left) appear with the discount code (We’ll give you that one for free).

Use the discount codes on our online checkout or provide them when ordering over the phone.

Win a Free Clean!

Win a free home cleaning by finding ALL five eggs by Easter. Send us an email with links to the 5 web pages the eggs are hidden on by April 5th, 2021.

Note the following stipulations:

  • Discount codes valid until 4/30/2021.
  • One discount code per clean.
  • Discount code can be used one time only.
  • For our recurring customers (e.g. weekly and biweekly) you may use the discount code in conjunction with your frequency discount.

The eggs will be removed soon after Easter so don’t miss the hunt! And to all our amazing customers, Happy Easter, happy egg hunting, and may you and your loved ones stay safe!

~ Dallas Maids’ family

Spring Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

March 20, 2021 by Dallas Maids

Spring Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Spring cleaning is simply the practice and process of thoroughly cleaning your house during springtime. Although you should always clean your house, it is particularly important during spring. The reason is that the transition from winter to spring often leaves different surfaces dirty and in need of a serious makeover. 

However, apart from this fact, not too many people know how to kickstart spring cleaning and make the most out of the process. Let’s answer a few questions to help you know more about the process. 

What do you do for spring cleaning? 

Simple, clean. Okay, maybe that is not all simple as it sounds. To get the best out of your cleaning, make a list of all the rooms and all items you need to clean. Then, start cleaning from each room to keep the process specific and satisfactory. For example, dust the light fixtures and ceiling fans, clean the windows and vacuum the floors and curtain. 

After taking care of the living area, move to the kitchen for cleaning and repeat the process for

all the rooms in your house. You may also need to clean outdoor areas like the roof, gutters, etc. 

Here is a free printable spring cleaning checklist to help you get started!

Why do they call it spring cleaning? 

Most researchers trace spring cleaning origin to the Persian new year, which coincidentally falls on the first day of spring. During this time, the entire house is cleaned. Apart from this, some suggestions predict that spring cleaning dates to the ancient Jewish practice of cleaning before Passover, which also is a springtime festival. 

The religious beliefs aside, after the 18th century, most people in wet and continental climates prefer to clean and dust during March. The reason is that it is often warm enough during March to open the doors and windows and the wind can carry dust out of the house. Apart from this, it is not warm enough for insect problems. 

When should I start deep cleaning? 

First off, you can start deep cleaning when the warm afternoon breeze ushers in spring freshness. The moment you feel like opening the windows, you can start spring cleaning. Apart from this, a more concrete plan is to clear a day or two from your schedule for cleaning. You can do this on a weekend so you can give your home the cleaning it deserves. 

Why is spring cleaning good for you? 

Spring cleaning or cleaning is generally a healthy way to live. Cleaning helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it rids your house of dirt, dust, bacteria, and viruses. Apart from this, it keeps a house tidy enough for convenient movements without restriction. It also reduces the risk of injuries from falls, slips, and bumps. 

Apart from this, a clean house promotes a clear mind as it eases anxiety, depression, and stress. More importantly, spring cleaning is a way of exercising your body and making time for family and friends. Depending on how you do it, the process can be fun and enjoyable. 

How to start deep cleaning? 

  • Be specific and clean one room at a time 
  • Organize your cleaning routines into schedules 
  • Declutter and organize your task 
  • Involve your friends or household 
  • Use recommended and minimum cleaning products 
  • Tackle seasonal chores first 
  • Form a cleaning habit and routine 

What is spring cleaning checklist? 

Spring cleaning checklist is a list of actionable plans to break your cleaning into timely achievable goals. Like all checklists, it contains things you should clean and in what specific order. This way, you can complete cleaning without getting tired or losing interest. It also ensures you clean every part of your home. 


Spring cleaning is easy when you know what you are doing. I hope these Spring Cleaning FAQs have helped with that!

The Science of Cleaning: The Quickest Way to Clean Your House Without Losing Enthusiasm

March 9, 2021 by Dallas Maids

Whoever told you cleaning should be boring and stressful? See, I’ve come to realize that the reason why we don’t succeed at something is either because we are doing the wrong job or doing it without enthusiasm. Have you ever started cleaning and stopped mid-way? Yeah, it happens to a lot of people.  

I know you know all there is to know about cleaning. Wait, see what I did there. Anyways, let me show you some exciting and quick ways to clean your house with. Especially useful since spring cleaning is just around the corner…

Play some gosh-darn music!

Yeah, I said what I said, play music. One fact that has been established well over and over again is that you notice when time passes when you are having fun. Music triggers the release of dopamine, a pleasure chemical in your brain. Like when you eat food or try something exciting, dopamine lets you want more and more of that activity. Music also increases your primal need for connection so it helps you finish a boring task faster without feeling bored.

Put it differently, music is good for the soul, motivates you, elevates your mood, and distracts you from the workload. It also helps you stay on track. But can you do something else that makes you feel the same way? In a way, yes. For example, you may argue that drawing makes you feel the same way. However, it requires time and energy, which in itself is distracting. Conversely, music only requires you to hum, shake your body, and clean away.

Try body movements and minor exercise

Exercise is not all about hitting the gym with crazy body goals. In fact, intuitive movements are sometimes the best forms of exercise. Intuitive movement simply means connecting your body and movements based on internal cues. As a result, you determine the intensity, frequency, and length of the movements. But how does it help cleaning?

Cleaning with respect to body movement encourages mindfulness. Not just this, it takes your mind off your chores and makes it appear fun. For example, running up and down the stairs or swaying your body to match a rhythm are forms of intuitive movements. Imagine cleaning the walls. You can make patterns with your hands and arms, draw circles, establish a rhythm, and move your body decisively. Not only will this help you clean mindfully, but it is also a handy way of exercising your body.

So, yes. You can clean your house and still get premium low-tone exercise from deliberate body movements.

Clean with a friend or get your kids involved

Don’t clean alone if you want cleaning to be fun. Instead, clean with friends or your family members. In an atmosphere like this, you can turn cleaning into a game. For example, you can assign tasks and make charts with each completed task attracting points. The person with the highest number of points wins and gets a prize.

Race against the time

Another way to add thrill to your cleaning is to race against the clock. This is even better if you are not cleaning alone. Watch to see who cleans the fastest and set rewards for the winner.  

Stock cleaning supplies

Protect your home and family by using the right cleaning supplies. Stock up on sponges, dusters, vacuum, and clothes that won’t make you struggle with each task.

Create a checklist

For orderliness, make a list of your cleaning needs, routines, and strategies. This action reduces stress and encourages deliberate and timely action. Make a list of all the rooms and how you intend to clean them, and the cleaning supplies. A list also presents the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved in cleaning. Plus, it saves time on thinking and deliberating and replaces it with actionable plans. You are absolutely welcome to use Dallas Maids free and printable spring cleaning checklist.


So back to my question, do you think cleaning should be stressful and boring? Absolutely not. The question of how you feel when cleaning depends on your cleaning plans and strategies. Clean like you would any other fun activities and you will discover that cleaning can be a fun and exciting activity.

We Still Wear Masks

March 7, 2021 by Dallas Maids

On the heels of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement Tuesday to end the statewide mask and occupancy mandates, we want you to know where we at Dallas Maids stand…

Until all of our staff and the majority of Texans are vaccinated, our professional home cleaners will continue wearing masks and follow safety measures that have been in place since the beginning of this unpleasant pandemic. They have proven to be extremely effective. It would not make sense to stop now.

I don’t know if we’ve reached the worst of the pandemic yet. I hope so, but even if our world seems to shake and collapse beneath us further from COVID-19 challenges or other unpredictable situations like the freak winter snow storm, I know that with people and businesses continuing to care by taking safety precautions, our community will come out the other end with meaning, purpose, and resolve.

Stay safe!

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