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Our First House Cleaning TV Commercial

October 3, 2013 by Dallas Maids

Dallas Maids’ first house cleaning commercial aired the first week of October, 2013 on KTXD TV. It was challenging to get as much information as possible in the short, 30 seconds ad. Fortunately our talented actress, Whitney, was able to talk quickly and articulately.

The transcript follows:

Let’s finally get your house in top shape so you can spend time on your career, family, and fun! Go to DallasMaids.com. At Dallas Maids, we use cleaning supplies that are safe for the family. Recommended by D-Home Magazine and rated A+ in Better Business Bureau, Dallas Maids is acclaimed for selective staffing and backed by top insurance protection. Call now and receive your free quote. Sign up for a year and first clean is free with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Call, now. 972-851-9994 or online at DallasMaids.com.



ProTeam Sierra Vacuum Review

September 3, 2013 by Dallas Maids

One of the most frequent questions that we get from clients and consumers is “Which products and equipment do you recommend?” Our maids do such an amazing job that people naturally want to know what we use to get that perfect clean. The vacuum cleaner is the workhorse of any cleaning kit and a quality, reliable vacuum is a maid’s best friend. Our team’s favorite vacuum hands down is the Pro Team Sierra Back Pack Vacuum and we are not alone, this vacuum has a following in maid services nationwide!
What’s the difference? Here are 5 reasons why we love it:

#1 It’s comfortable!
So easy to use, you actually wear it! The vacuum has adjustable belts that clip over the chest area and the waist area so it really supports your back. Forget about lugging heavy machinery up and down the stairs; this high powered vacuum weighs a paltry ten pounds!

#2 It’s powerful!
Don’t be fooled by the light weight or the small size, this vacuum packs a punch! We’re talking commercial strength sucking power designed to clean more area in less time.

#3 It improves air quality
The ProTeam Sierra Backpack Vacuum Cleaner features ProTeam’s unique Four-Level Filtration system that captures tiny dust mites, bacteria and floating particles – particles that create unhealthy air. Count those filters! You get a micro filter, a cloth filter, a dome filter and a foam exhaust filter It clears out 99% of dirt in the air.

#4 It’s so efficient that you vacuum less!
ProTeam’s unique method of suction vacuuming cleans carpets, hard floors and other surfaces without stirring up dust – so the air stays cleaner, the furniture collects less dust and operators clean without breathing unhealthy air.

#5 It’s so versatile!
With a multitude of attachments, extensions and accessories you can really get into every nook and crevice, removing that hard-to-reach dirt. We love the power nozzle option; it really takes this vacuum to another level of cleaning horsepower.

There you have 5 reasons to love this vacuum as much as we do!




Dallas Maids on The Broadcast, Dallas’s TV Morning Show

September 3, 2013 by Dallas Maids

Dallas Maids The Broadcast

Hello! We have some exciting news. Dallas Maids was featured on KTXD TV’s The Broadcast!

This TV Segment aired on August 6th, 2013. We had the opportunity to talk about what we know best which is cleaning!

In The Broadcast, we offered a few quick and easy cleaning tips for the viewers. First of all, we talked about organization. As you know, one of the best tips you can ever receive is to work smarter, not harder. Make sure you have all the tools you need before you start cleaning.

For example, an apron or a caddy are great tools to help you carry around all your cleaning supplies and tools at once. First of all, you save time and energy by not going around several times to get your items back. Second, you reduce the chance of spilling your cleaning products.

The next advice: stop the mess before it happens. Use rugs for collecting dirt from your shoes as you walk in. Place a small basket in your entryway for your mail and your keys.

We want to say thanks to the guys from The Broadcast for this segment. We had a great time and (hopefully!) we were able to help people in their homes too!

You can check the entire clip down below via our own YouTube Channel!


August 27, 2013 by Dallas Maids

Clean Freaks: Cleaning Tips and Household Tricks behind the scenes bloopers.

Creating the Clean Freaks YouTube series has been a fun project. Kudos to Kari Kramer who has been especially easy and enjoyable to work with!

Dallas Maids on KTXD TV’s morning show, D The Broadcast

August 15, 2013 by Dallas Maids


Dallas Maids was invited to provide tips on how to find a great maid service on the morning show, D  THE BROADCAST. The show is a partnership between KTXD TV and D Magazine, bringing you the latest trends and hot topics. The show featured Dallas Maids on July 29th. Look for us in the future because they have asked us to come back!

Thanks to  D THE BROADCAST for having us on and thanks to D Magazine for recommending Dallas Maids in D Magazine’s Gold Pages multiple of times. We appreciate the recognition for our continual efforts to be a better maid service for our customers (i,e, YOU!). And thank you for giving us the privilege to serve you!


Cleaning Tip Secrets from Real, Professional Maids

August 2, 2013 by Dallas Maids

Today we have some extra special tips to share! We polled our housekeepers at Dallas Maids and got them to share their very best cleaning tips for this video. These are time tested cleaning tricks from professional maids that clean hundreds of homes every year, enjoy!

Real Maid Tip #1 – Start high and dry

This tip was repeated again and again by our maids. When you start cleaning any room start at the ceiling level. That means dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, knocking down cobwebs and vacuuming air vents. Starting with the dry jobs with will help avoid creating a gunky mess on your surfaces, so dry dust everything before you apply furniture polish, sweep or vacuum hard surface floors very well before you mop and don’t start applying product to any surface before you have wiped it down for dust.

Real Maid Tip #2 – Soak don’t Scrub Well

You might have to scrub a little anyways but this real housekeeper tip will cut down on wasted time and elbow grease. When you are ready to tackle what our maids call the “wet cleaning jobs” in a room like the bathroom or kitchen first apply the correct product to all of the surfaces you will be cleaning and let it soak in while you clean something else. Then start with the least dirty item or surface and work your way up to the dirtiest surface which will have had time to soak in the product making it easier to clean.

Real Maid Tip #3 – Prioritize

Real maids usually don’t have all day to clean one house. They have a set amount of time to spend in each home before it’s time for them to move on to the next house. So what do they do when they know they can’t possibly clean the entire home in the time allotted? They let the client know and then they work based on priorities. The dirtiest room gets cleaned first. They want to maximize the impact that their work will have on the overall appearance of the home.

Real Maid Tip #4 – Keep your head in the game

Our favorite tips from our maids didn’t address any one cleaning task in particular; instead they were about attitude and focus. One maid said “You have to love the job and want to clean.”

We can learn a lot from our hardworking housekeepers. To clean well and efficiently you have to be present not only physically but mentally as well. Maybe it can best be summed up in one more piece of advice “Be where you are, do what you are doing and smile” We’d like to thank all of our wonderful, dedicated professional house cleaners for all of their hard work. Our cheerful and tireless team has thousands of happy customers in Dallas. Give us a call and experience the Dallas Maids difference in your home today!

Dallas Maids New Office Building

July 22, 2013 by Dallas Maids

Dallas Maids New Office Building

Dallas Maids is in the final stages of closing on our new office building. Here’s a bit about our story and how we got to this point.

Almost ten years ago I hired two professional house cleaners, an office manager, filed the proper paperwork to incorporate, and rented out a closet-size office space for Dallas Maids.

Through persistency, passion, hiring caliber people, and 14-hour workdays, I’ve pushed Dallas Maids forward into a fantastic, fun, and quality house cleaning service for Dallas, Texas.

Our New Office Building

Today I’m in the final stages of closing on our new office building. We are all very excited here at Dallas Maids because this new office building has the facilities, space, and location needed to provide even better service to our first-class customers while affording a wonderful work environment for our BEST asset, our people!

A huge THANK YOU! to our customers that have allowed us the privilege and pleasure to provide service for you and your families. We are forever grateful to have had the chance to serve you! And we hope we will continue doing so for many years.



P.S. For a tour of the new Dallas Maids’ office, click here, or watch it down below!

Are You Frighten of the Refrigerator?

July 20, 2013 by Dallas Maids

Cleaning the refrigerator is one of those jobs that all too often gets pushed way down on the list of household chores. After all, with the door closed no one will notice that it’s been awhile since the last cleaning. But really, if you stop to consider the purpose of your refrigerator, it’s clear that this should be one of the cleanest parts of any home. Anything that stores food for your family’s meals needs to be spic and span! Keeping the fridge sanitary is easy if you follow a regular cleaning routine.

There are a few things you should be doing every day, every time you open the fridge.
-Wipe up spills right away, as soon as you see them. This will save you a lot of scrubbing down the road!
-Everything that goes into the fridge should be covered or sealed.  Leftovers should be labeled with the date you prepared the food, it’s not OCD; it’s food safety for the entire family!
-Throw away anything that is obviously spoiled. Anything that you reach for that has changed color, texture or that smells funny should get tossed right away. You don’t want it anywhere near the good food that you have in your fridge!

Once a week you are going to want to give your fridge a little extra TLC, it only takes a few minutes! First check the contents and toss anything that is spoiled or past it’s expiration date. It’s easiest to clean your fridge when it’s emptier, so make a habit of cleaning it right before you go grocery shopping. You can give a the fridge a quick weekly wipe-down too, just use a damp cloth and wipe down the shelves, faces of the drawers and the interior walls of the fridge. You don’t want to use any product with a fragrance because that can get into your food, even changing the taste! Make sure you clean the exterior doors too, the handle especially can be a germ magnet! If your fridge exterior is stainless steel use a stainless steel cleaner and a soft cloth, otherwise a bit of dishsoap in a quart of hot water will do the job nicely. Once a month you can clean the seals on the door with that same dishsoap mixture and an old soft-bristled toothbrush.

The Deep Clean
A couple times a year your fridge should get a thorough deep cleaning. You will want to remove all the food and unplug the fridge. You can put the food into a cooler while you clean. Remove all of the shelves and drawers and let them come to room temperature before you wash them. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda in a quart of hot water and use a soft scrubber sponge to wash the entire interior of the fridge along with the shelves and drawers. Dry all of the surfaces with a clean towel before replacing the food and plugging the fridge back in.

Dealing with Odors
If your fridge is clean but has a bad odor you can’t seem to get rid of baking soda is the traditional fix. Rather than use a bowl or a dish it’s better to use a plate or even a cookie sheet so that the baking soda can absorb the odor more efficiently. You might also try a plate of coffee grounds or even kitty litter for tough smells!

Removing Soap Scum

July 20, 2013 by Dallas Maids

Removing dreaded bathroom soap scum




Tribute to Alicia Clark

July 17, 2013 by Dallas Maids

Tribute to a friend…

I recently lost a dear friend, Alicia Clark. She was owner of Le Clean here in Dallas.
We met 8 years ago after a phone call- I was checking up on an employee reference. Soon we struck up a conversation; you know, one of those conversations that feel like you’ve known each other for years yet you just met. Needless to say, we instantly connected. Over the years we would often talk, mostly about …anything and everything cleaning related, be it trading stories, exchanging advice, tips on how to make out businesses better, or just listening to a soul that needs to be heard.
She was kind, out going, and a good person. It’s relationships like these that are a joy. It’s relationships that give meaning to life. And when one suddenly and unexpectantly ends, a little of my life is lost, though I’m forever thankful for the life, the good memories, she has given to me.
Alicia, I’m going to miss our talks.

November 27, 1954  —  July 9, 2013