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It’s a Lot…Seriously.?

Let’s talk for a minute. Owning a rental property is WORK. Cleaning, bookings, taxes. It’s a more than just passive income. It’s active work.


I’m not going to waste your time with testimonials. The truth is, most AirBnB or VRBO owners don’t have time for something as small as a testimonial review on Google. They and you are focused on making sure your rental property is clean, hospitable, enjoyable. You want your customers to feel at home. More than being in the rental business, you are in the people business. We get that. Us too. We want our customers to take a deep breath and know they can just be at home. That’s a feeling we know you crave for your visitors, too. And being a frequent user of AirBnB myself, I know clean accommodations lead to positive reviews for your place which, of course, leads to more business.

What’s Cleaned?

Great question! Glad you (kind of) asked. When we clean short-term rental properties in-between visitors, we focus on what matters. Clean floors and counter tops. Fresh sheets and linens. The smell of a clean home. Countertops free of the last guest’s baked spaghetti that ended up…questionable. More than that, you know your rental property. You know the high use areas like that special cleaned in porch or master bedroom with the skylight that collects cobwebs. So our short-term rental cleaning is the standard home cleaning + what you want to have extra attention. Maybe it’s a back porch overlooking the garden that might need an extra sweeping. Maybe it’s the bathroom because who knows how messy the last guests were.


Whatever the need, we will meet it. With the short-term rental property/AirBnB cleaning we focus on making your property feel welcoming. That may mean really mopping that kitchen floor. Or maybe really scrubbing that bathtub. Our goal in rental cleanings is to make your home feel like home. Like your guests don’t have to worry about cleanliness and can just relax. That’s it. That’s our mission.

How Do I Get Ready?

Rental cleanings can be tricky. Often you have no clue how clean your guests left your place. We come in with a general idea of what we need to do (vacuum, sweep, dust, tidy, etc.) but are also flexible. If your guests had some fun and left smudges on the windows or mirrors, we got that. Excess trash? No problem. Whatever your place needs we can handle it. We’ll send you details on how they left the place too so you can evaluate if you want to have them back. We are committed not only to your next customers but to you as well. If it’s amazing, we’ll tell you. If it’s a catastrophe, we’ll tell you. Either way we will make it clean for you.


All you have to do is give us the time and day to show up. From there we will clean and follow up with you. That’s it. Easy-peasy.


Cancellations? No worries! Cancellations are super-duper rare at Dallas Maids. Our secret is twofold: 1) We have built in slack in our schedule so if we have a couple of cleaning artists out sick or need to take on a last-minute emergency cleaning, we have you covered. And 2) if a perfect storm hits and we do, indeed, have now cleaners available, we will hire another, trusted maid service to do the cleaning.


Interested in giving us a test drive? Try us out by clicking the “Book Now!” button below.

Looking for a reliable AIRBNB cleaning service?

If you are a host on Airbnb, you already know how hard it is to manage everything to ensure the process is a complete success. Posting your property, communicating with guests and getting your property ready each time can take a lot of time and energy, especially if it involves cleaning.


Of course, this is why many hosts like choosing a professional Airbnb rental cleaning service instead. This is common practice, especially if you have more than one property. As you know, cleaning and organizing your property after checkout is extremely important to impress your next guest and make them feel at home.


Reaching such high standards for your guests will demand a huge amount of time, energy and even money. These resources are not only for the proper cleaning routine.


You would have to do research and create a system so that your cleaning and organizing is as fast and efficient as possible each time.


In the long time, it’s not worth it to invest all of these resources when there are already companies with professional staff, specialized products and well-thought-out cleaning techniques.


Not only will this give you consistent cleaning results, but it will also translate into an outstanding experience for your Airbnb guests which will leave impressed and wanting to book your services again.

And, of course, an outstanding experience and happy customers will help your service grow more and more.

How to Choose an Airbnb Cleaning Service in Dallas?

There are many cleaning services in Dallas, but you probably already know by now that there are many factors involved when choosing any kind of service. If you take the cheap route, the quality and consistency of the service won’t be stellar.


You need to take into consideration other points: do they have an excellent reputation from other customers and organizations? Do they offer guarantees regarding their quality of service, as well as their staff’s preparation and professionalism? Is their customer (in this case, you) service outstanding and above and beyond?


In this case, it’s extremely important not to settle for just any service. You need to have certainty and to be able to trust the company, and that can only happen if they have excellent ratings, strong company values and pride for their work.

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Asked Questions

Forgetting about your booking is common, especially among first timers. But there’s no need to worry!

If this is the first time you’ve hired our services, or if this is a one-time service, we will call the day before to ensure your home will be available for cleaning on the next day.


We just need a few things from you to get ready beforehand.


First things first, decide whether you are staying home during the cleaning service, if you are leaving right before handing the keys or if you will not be home. Promptly let us know during the booking process or before the cleaning day to ensure our staff will be able to enter your home.


Next, we do ask you to declutter your home a little bit. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to vacuum, wipe surfaces, dust, or any other cleaning-related task. That’s what we are here for!

We just need you to pick items up off the ground and arrange items the best you can. For our cleaners, this means less time and energy spent picking up items allowing them to focus on cleaning your home.


Don’t forget to place important documents in a safe area such as a drawer or cabinet. Otherwise, they could be mistakenly disposed of by our cleaning staff.

After you take all previous steps, feel free to plan out your day while we clean your home!

You being home to let our staff in is great. It’s perfect for starting right away. In fact, it’s super common for customers to wait for our staff to arrive, leave them the keys and then departing to enjoy your free time. If you want to, you can give them brief instructions or any information you deem necessary.


You do not need to stay home while our staff works their magic. But if you choose to do so, we kindly ask you two things:

Please do not helicopter the cleaners. They are professionals and with plenty of experience on cleaning. Of course, they can miss an area or surface from time to time, like any human being. If that is the case, please wait until they finish and if you wish to, you can check their work and point out if there’s anything that was not completed succesfully.


Many people work from home, especially since COVID-19 started. Or perhaps you would just prefer to stay home, and that’s okay! We do ask you to please stay out of their way when our cleaners are working. If you are working, please briefly leave when it’s time for our staff to clean your office or workspace. You can take a break or continue your work in a different area.

If you are working, running errands or enjoying your free time we are able to do our job without any issues!

For our staff to enter your home, you have two main options. Many customers purchase a lockbox and provide the code to our cleaners so they are able to go in, do their job and securely lock up before leaving. You can also leave your key in a discrete place on the premises.


For apartment cleaning, you have an additional option: you can call your leasing office and let them know about your maid service coming in and authorizing them for a key to your apartment. Once the cleaners arrive, they exchange their ID for the key at the leasing office, and they give it back once they finish.

We have no problem working with pets! If they are friendly around strangers, feel free to let them roam around your home.


However, if you suspect there’s a chance of them being aggresive or agitated around our staff, please put them in a secured area or take them to the park while our cleaners do their job. The last thing we all want to see is an accident or someone getting injured.

At Dallas Maids we work hard to ensure your happiness during the entire process: during, before and after your cleaning. Part of this involves quality control once our staff completes the service.


The very next day after you’ve booked your cleaning service, we will call you and ask you a few questions about the way our staff’s performance and interaction with you.

Occassionally, we will ask you for an online review. This won’t take you more than 5 minutes, it helps us show our work and it also helps other people looking for a cleaning service to see whether or not our company fits their needs.


If you’ve booked our service regularly, we will also follow up occassionally to make sure everything is going perfect and that our quality stays top-notch.


If you were less than happy at any point of the service, please call us within 48 hours. We will listen to your complaints, take note and if the cleaning process was not followed correctly, we will fix it at your earliest convenience at no additional charge.

It’s perfectly normal to hire a one-time service to test the waters and see if you would enjoy recurrent cleanings in the future.

We hope you were happy enough with our services to switch to a recurrent cleaning schedule. If that’s the case, feel free to let us know that during our follow-up call after your service, or use any of our contact media.


Or just go to our booking page and select your preferred frequency for cleaning!

Our passion goes beyond offering stellar cleaning services. We are dedicated to our community and serving our friends and family, which is why our customer service is done with care and love for what we do.


Having a professional staff taking care of your home translates into having more time for doing what you love.


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