Is Your Maid Stealing from You?

by Dallas Maids - April 3, 2014

Over the years I have heard horror stories from customers and cleaning service owners alike. One of worse was about a family returning from vacation to find their housekeeper gone. The housekeeper they had trusted for years, who was treated like part of the family decided to retire taking everything of value in the house before leaving the country. Recently I received an email from a concerned customer who was worried, writing he did “not want to feel insecure when someone is in [his] home wondering if [his] stuff will still be there… when they leave”. I am happy to explain why theft is NOT an issue at Dallas Maids; 1) our hiring process tests for honesty and 2) if an item is missing our people have the option to volunteer for a polygraph test.

Our 5-step interviewing procedure (the most selective interviewing process I know of in Dallas!) has two aspects that test for honesty: 1) information verification and 2) non-verbal analysis to detect deceit. First, from the initial phone interview to the in-office interview, data is collected that can be verified. Did the job candidate claim previous pay of $12.00 an hour but their former employer says $11.75 an hour – Applicant is not hire-able and is out. Did they indicate a clear driving record but driver license background check indicates it’s suspended – Out. Did they say they never had complications with the law though background check finds forgery fraud – WAY OUT! From background checks, driver license checks, employment verification and reference checks, we cross reference what was written or stated by the applicant with what our background research for any discrepancies or untruths; more of which I mention here. Second, the job applicant’s non-verbal actions are analyzed. A person is an open book for those that have studied body language, specifically lie detection. To a trained interrogator, it’s virtually impossible to get away with a lie. This is because the brain uncontrollably functions differently when engaged in a lie. Having read a mini library of books on the topic we’ve implemented this knowledge into our interviewing procedure. From body language to even the construction of a story, if you know what questions to ask and what to look for, detecting dishonesty is much easier than otherwise. With cameras set up throughout the office, reviewing the interview allows for even a more clear analysis of these non-verbal cues.

Sometimes items turn up missing and when they do, we’re ready! Our procedure is simple and strikingly effective. First, we ask the customer to wait a couple of weeks to see if the item turns up – 95% of the time, it does. Second, if the item doesn’t turn up, an employee will often pay for a polygraph themselves to clear their name. Dallas Maids will reimburse the employee once test is completed which is mentioned during orientation for new hires. And even though it is never mentioned again, employees appreciate this option to clear their name and save our reputation.

Honest staff is a necessity for customers who entrust us with their biggest investment, their home! and all personal possessions within. Dallas Maids is the only service that I know of that goes to this extent in protecting customers. From what customers and maid service owners have told me, theft is an issue in this industry. . .

. . . Just not with us.



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