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Seeking a Service Superstar!

April 30, 2015 by Dallas Maids


Interviewing this week, apply now! Dallas Maids is actively looking to add a highly skilled and passionate sales & service superstar to our office team. We have a growing demand of clients in the Dallas area that demand top-notch service every time. We are committed to providing the best customer service to our clients. To maintain our high standards of service and performance we offer great pay and benefits along with a selective screening process when deciding who to work with. If you feel up to the challenge submit your application today!



Bilingual – Fluent in English and Spanish

Superstar sales skills

Excellent phone etiquette

Prior experience, preferably in sales and/or customer service

Proven job stability – We seek people who want to stay and grow with us

Ability to take the initiative and do what needs to be done

Ability to maintain a positive, cheerful disposition at all times with customers

* Writing marketing ads, online content (blogs, articles, etc), social media interaction (facebook, twitter, youtube) is a plus



Providing outstanding customer service

Persistently pursue leads via email and phone

Selling our award-winning professional house cleaning service to potential clients

Scheduling appointments

Communicating with Dallas Maids’ clientele, ensuring they are taken care of

Completing and closing customer jobs

Trouble shooting issues occurring with our teams in field

Performing random job inspections

Other tasks as needed



Great pay

Profit sharing

Opportunity for advancement

Monday through Friday work week, no nights

Professional In-house masseuse

Family outings and events

Clean, modern office

Christmas bonuses

Paid vacation

Apply Now!

Spring Cleaning Time!

April 23, 2015 by Dallas Maids

It’s that time of the year where we put on our cleaning gloves, put in some work, and put out the trash. Let’s start with a video from Dallas Maids Clean Freaks YouTube channel: Spring Cleaning Guide! Motivation and Inspiration from Real Maids! After a long winter of stuffiness and gloom it’s so nice to give your home a deep, refreshing clean from top to bottom! Of course any time of year can be a good time for a deep clean and with these easy tips you might want to do it more than once a year! Don’t be intimidated, we’ll take it one room at a time.

Also, we thought we might give our readers these neat spring cleaning printables to get everyone in the mood.  The first one is our original, printable Spring Cleaning To Do list, pretty as a spring day!


Click to Get it!

That list covers all the deep cleaning tasks you’ll want to add to your regular cleaning to make it a super spring deep clean! It’s broken up by room to make it even easier. This is the list we use at Dallas Maids when we do a spring cleaning/deep clean. You can block off a day and knock out all the items at once but if you’d like to break it up we suggest our beautiful printable calender for March. Just print it, write tasks from the to do lists on different days and stick it on your fridge!

march calender dallas maids

Get it Now!

There you have it, pretty sping cleaning printables to print, share and enjoy! Hopefully you are feeling inspired and motivated to take on a top to bottom clean in April; if not we’d be happy to do the dirty work just give us a call! Spring cleaning spots fill up fast so reserve yours now!


DON’T TELL ANYONE! My secret advise when starting a business

February 3, 2015 by Dallas Maids

reposted from an article I wrote on reddit.com: https://www.reddit.com/r/EntrepreneurRideAlong/comments/27n66h/dont_tell_anyone_my_secret_advice_for_success

Don’t Tell Anyone

Seriously, don’t…

When I first started Dallas Maids I didn’t tell anyone exactly what I was starting, not my friends, not my family, no one. Oh, there were rumors, some thought the worse because it was a secret. “Starting a naughty site?” A friend once joked BUT this EXACTLY why I told no one… To avoid negativity.

You see, people are highly susceptible to suggestion. You may believe yourself strong headed, but subconsciously what is said sinks deeply into your mind, providing input your subconscious uses to guide your actions. Negative feedback is detrimental!

So understanding this psychology, my operations were top-secret until I became established. No chance for folks to advise me to get a “real” job or others to openly wonder why I gave up a promising career in high tech for mopping floors. And I’m SO glad I did is because starting Dallas Maids along with my other businesses have been the BEST decision I ever made.

Avoid Negative People

…like the plague.

In the process of starting and growing my businesses I’ve gladly de-friended a few in real life. Negativity is a downer. For many it is instinct to secretly despise friends that have had more success, even try to sabotage their success. Mind you, this is NOT consciously done, they do not know they are saying and doing certain things to sabotage your work. It is a subconscious programming in place through both ones environment and genes. On a side note, I highly recommend you fellas to read up on psychology. Books such as “Influence: Power of Persuasion” or “Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth” are invaluable.

Negative people suck…

…sometimes it’s hard to avoid them. As you know, there are some serial negative suckers on reddit. Get an unwarranted negative comment on your thread or post? Look through their previous posts. Sad how some are addicted to negativity. Though don’t get defensive because 1) it’s them, not you and 2) be glad they are not in your real life!

You could avoid reddit entirely but maybe that’s not an option because of the value you get and give here. That’s why I’m here: I’ve been blessed to know the freedom of having your own business and want to share my experience with you because you deserve to have this, too. We are lucky to experience this sliver of time between two great eternities, so make the most of it! Experience and do good.

Ending tangent. Let me get back on track…

So don’t tell anyone when starting a business, continue de-friending negative people and befriending positive people, and learn a little about psychology. Lee Iacocca attributed his success to his psychology degree. Understanding people and motivating them are key. I’d recommend his autobiography, too, good book.

This advice is my own derived from what I had known of psychology. It is one of my secrets on how I started my first business and having it wildly successful. Strangely, it’s advice absent from any business related book I’ve read at the time – though in the May, 2009 issue of Psychological Science is an article confirming my “don’t tell anyone” strategy I used in 2004: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/ulterior-motives/200905/if-you-want-succeed-don-t-tell-anyone. Anyway, I hope this helps you, especially if you are just starting out. Know that you already have everything within you to do this. And each day you are becoming better and better.



Decade of House Cleaning

January 20, 2015 by Dallas Maids

Ten years in the house cleaning business. WOW.

Last year we celebrated our 10th year anniversary providing professional house cleaning to Dallas and it has been the exhilarating ride. Starting out was tough, the long hours, the hustle and bustle, the sweat. It was all worth it, starting a business from scratch to an established, experienced, lean, cleaning machine.

Addressing my employees during the 10th year celebration was a treat. As I looked over a ballroom full of Dallas Maids’ employees and their families, it’s was wonderful feeling you are able to provide a good livelihood for all these people who in turn provide top-notch service for our awesome customers.

And we are only going to get better!

Best Time to Buy Things, Month by Month

November 26, 2014 by Dallas Maids

Consumer Reports’ research uncovers when products are cheapest

The Holidays are upon us and I found this list that I thought you’d find interesting and maybe useful for this Black Friday. Some products pricing vary with the time of year… Christmas ornaments after December 25th anyone? ConsumerReports.org did a little research and found when the best time to get the best price. Here is the list:




Treadmills and ellipticals


Winter clothing



Indoor furniture

Treadmills and ellipticals


Digital cameras


Small consumer electronics (MP3 players, DVD and Blu-ray players, etc.)


Winter sports gear


Laptop computers

Desktop computers

Digital cameras

Lawn mowers

Spring clothing


Athletic apparel and shoes

Camping and outdoor gear


Cordless phones

Lawn mowers


Small consumer electronics





Indoor furniture

Pots, pans, and dishware

Small consumer electronics

Summer sports gear




Indoor furniture

Outdoor furniture



Air conditioners



Outdoor furniture

Snow blowers



Digital cameras

Gas grills

Lawn mowers

Shrubs, trees, and perennials

Small consumer electronics

Snow blowers




Digital cameras

Gas grills

Lawn mowers

Winter coats


Baby products



Gas grills

GPS navigators






Gas grills

GPS navigators

Home appliances, large and small

Small consumer electronics



ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

October 22, 2014 by Dallas Maids

Ice Bucket Challenge in front of the Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Thanks to my brother in law, Alex, for nominating me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, an admirable meme promoting awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encouraging donations for researching a cure. I gladly accept his nomination with twin buckets in front of the Twin Towers.

In return I nominate 1) Debbie Sardone of Cleaning For A Reason (http://www.cleaningforareason.org) and 2) Gary Goranson of House Cleaning Biz 101 (http://housecleaningbiz101.com). Both of you have helped so many others and now I’m happy to give you a chance to help a more by promoting awareness for this terrible disease. The gauntlet has been thrown, you have 24 hours…


People not being paid enough using percentage?

July 30, 2014 by Dallas Maids

sufficiently pay your maid








Your people are not being paid enough?

Afraid you’re not paying your people enough using percentage?

A fellow maid service entrepreneur came to me worried that he was not paying his people enough in this reddit subforum. His pricing and percentage given to his staff was correct yet what was paid to his ladies (he was right) was not enough. So what was wrong?

I asked him “how long would one of your people take to clean a 2000 sq ft house with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths?”

When he answered “ 5-6 hours” I knew exactly what was wrong.

And I thought that the new guys starting out here may have this same issue, lacking the opportunity to have tried out enough staff to know the solution yet.

Though first…

Percentage is THE way to go!

First, percentage is the way to go because:

  • you are guaranteed a percentage of the job, thus containing costs
  • percentage rewards your efficient and effective staff
  • nurtures your new maids by giving them more time to complete the job (assuming you have flat rates for regulars as I do).
  • keeps accounting simple. No need to waste time on recording hours. As with everything, keep things as simple as possible because as you grow, complexity will try to creep in and overwhelm productivity.

Initially, like most, I started paying per hour though quickly found percentage was the best way to go. When switching over quality got better and cash flow increased.

This is why the larger franchises such as Merry Maids and The Maids use percentage: they learned that it was the best way, too.

Find the BEST people

So the problem was not his pricing or percentage he was giving his people. The problem was…

His people.

They were to slow. Instead of 5 to 6 hours they should be completing the house in 3.5 or 4 hours. Completing a job quicker equates to a higher hourly wage. This is why percentage rewards your quickest people and allows time for the newer, slower one’s to improve if the pricing is a flat rate.

For Dallas Maids we do the first job at an hourly rate however I take extraordinary effort to find the BEST people from the beginning. My interviewing process is more selective than some of the ones I went through while in the professional work force after university! And I dare say, more effective. THIS has been my secret to success.

If I have too much work and am desperate for more people (which happens) I do not hire just anyone to take care of the extra business. Yes, sucks to lose business because you don’t have the staff to accommodate however you do not want to tarnish your reputation by sending just anyone (In these cases send the extra leads to your friends). So when I send a team to work hourly for first time or one time jobs, they get down to business, go on automatic pilot, and rock the home, making it sparkle. Slow, idle individuals don’t work for me.

AND not only do they clean the house efficiently, they do it effectively. They may be fast, but they don’t do a rush job. These are the people you need to hire. These are the people you need to keep. And if they are making good money while be taken care of by you, your customers will be happy and your business will thrive.



Don’t Worry, Be Happy

July 17, 2014 by Dallas Maids

Don't worry, be happy!













Don’t Worry, Be Happy

A song never imparted so much business wisdom!

Having the family in to one of my company’s 10th year anniversary this Saturday; it’s a big milestone and we are celebrating with a fancy banquette. Dallas Maids was the first company I started and grew to become the, BEST maid service in Dallas. Maybe I’m biased… but Dallas Maids is the most award-winning company and these awards are genuine, based on merit, not paid for, like some awards are. tsk. tsk. on those companies that buy awards or claim awards they have not won.

Anyway, I’m also remodeling an old house in a neighborhood my wife and I are excited to be moving into. It’s crunch time and lots of things to get done – I so should not be wasting time on writing this post but I felt this is something you fellas should know…


Worrying is paralyzing. It will stop you before you even get started. Being afraid to make the jump in and do a business or about the “obstacles” that may pop up… is not conducive to getting things done. When my parents arrived they barraged me with tons of questions about how will I be able to move in if this or that isn’t done. Be it finishing up the house in time for the move this Sunday or worrying about how much the movers will charge me or about not having the appliances ordered yet… Too much worry. I got it under control because I’m spending time worrying.

Love my parents. They still live in the house I grew up and after 44 years of marriage still have a great chemistry between them. I’m lucky to have them and being parents they naturally want the best for me. So of course they are worrying about this crunch time I’m going through.

And worrying is something I do less after running businesses because it’s best to use that time to figure out a solution.

I’m grateful that I don’t worry as much as I once did because it is not only unproductive, it’s emotionally draining.

So, don’t worry and you’ll find happiness through your hard, smart work. Focus on the solutions because there are always solutions, usually more than one so it’s just placing your efforts to find the best solution. As you find yourself worrying less and becoming more successful, you’ll find issues that may have bothered you in the past will fade away. For example, when starting out I totaled the first car I ever bought, a new mustang convertible. It was paid off so I didn’t have the insurance to replace it. Even with the lost car and lost money, I realized something then: It didn’t bother me. I was happy with that realization that everything was going to be ok and just get better. It’s nice to be worry free. Your life will be much better for it! So…




Working With Your Competition

June 20, 2014 by Dallas Maids

I belong to several network groups where fellow maid services help each other to become better house cleaning companies by sharing information and advice. One member asked about how to view competition. How you view competition is important to a business success. I thought I’d share my response to his question and how I view my “competition”. Originally posted here.

There is simply too much house cleaning business to go around to feel you have competitors. This would be a great opportunity to work together exchanging cleaning leads or helping each other out.

We have sister maid services that we often exchange cleaning leads with if we are booked or the lead is outside our service area. Also, times when we have a customer scheduled but can’t make it (maybe we have several ladies out sick) then to make sure we don’t cancel on the customer, we have another service help out or vice versa. Just last week we helped another maid service take care of one of their customers because they had already cancelled on them once and did not want to do it again.

Ultimately you need to make sure your customer is taken care of. If that means it’s not from your service then that’s ok. Your priorities should be:

1) take care of your employees.

2) take care of your customers.

And a distant third,

3) take care of yourself.

You’ll find if you take care of the first two, the 3rd will be just fine.

I’ve also sent employee applications to other services. When we look for employees we are inundated with hundreds of applications so I’m happy to send a few that didn’t make our cut but might make the cut somewhere else. Not to mention you need to be on good terms with other services so they can freely tell you if an ex-employee is a yay or a nay and why.

Dallas Maids would not be where it was if I hadn’t worked with my “competitors”… though I see them more as partners.



How to Handle Price Increases with Your Customers

June 16, 2014 by Dallas Maids


Dallas Maids Note: I’ve been happy to have taken one of Susan’s NLP course which offer’s valuable skills that have helped me make Dallas Maids become a better house cleaning company. Her courses are well worth it!

How to handle price increases with your long-standing customers

by Susan Stageman of NLP Training Concepts

There comes a time in every business when cost increases necessitates the increase in fees to customers and clients. I’ve been a long-term customer for many local businesses over the years. I’ve experiences price increases in a variety of ways.

  • The price for service or product increases without any notice. This often happens when the business is offering a commodity or tangible product. Sometimes it increases when a contract runs out without notice.
  • A notice (email or worse, text) is sent out to all customers about a price increase. This is impersonal at best. If the business has a huge practice or customer base, long-term customers are not necessarily distinguished from the customer base.
  • A personal call (not always convenient; very time consuming) to many long-term, loyal customers.
  • Tell regular, long-term clients that their fees are increasing but not at the level of new customer fees.
  • Something that includes some of or all of these.

If you have a personal and/or local business where you know most of your customers by name or face, handling price increases can be delicate if you value your customers and want to retain them.

I recently spoke with a client who had done business with a firm for 20 years, seeing them 2 times a month during that time. The firm sent a blanket email informing clients of a 30% increase in fees. Comment: It seems that when the perception of the general economy improves, businesses take advantage of raising fees. Of course, it seems a lot of businesses do this so it becomes a zero sum game. To cover the cost of business, businesses raise prices. It is like a dog chasing its tail.

So, as reported by my client, here is what transpired on his next visit. He brought up the fact to his provider about the cost increase. He remarked that it was quite an increase; that he might have to go to once a month. Here was the reply. “Quite honestly, there are plenty of people that will fill that spot. I’ve been giving too much of my business away with discounts I’ve been giving to my clients, according to my CPA. My rent has gone up, my insurance has gone up. If that is what you have to do…..”

WOW! My client was a little taken back by the reply. It came across as a little defensive. He wasn’t’ expecting, after 20 years of being a referring client, to be told that he can ‘take a hike.” (My interpretation) He left after the appointment feeling a little betrayed (the word he used). When my client examined his feelings he wondered what this was about. This is what, after discussing it, he concluded:

He was willing to pay the increase because he valued what this person did for him all these years and he was willing to continue that relationship. What my client really wanted to know is that HE WAS A VALUED CLIENT AND ALTHOUGH HE HAS THE CHOICE OF LEAVING, BUT THAT HE WOULD BE MISSED AND THAT HIS LOYALITY OVER THE YEARS WAS IMPORTANT. However, he didn’t get that. What the message he got, ‘too bad, I can replace you as quickly as you leave.’

People often don’t need to know why someone raised the price. All they need to know was that the business value us as clients and they appreciate our loyalty. There are elegant ways to bring up price increases with businesses – ways the will not elicit defensiveness.

  1. Tell the client or customer they are valued and that you value their loyalty over the years.
  2. Tell them that the increase was necessary if they ask. Why you raised prices is no one’s business except your own.
  3. Encourage them to continue as a client as you will continue to provide outstanding service.
  4. Offer value. Explain what they will get (if anything) in addition to what they have now as a result of staying with you. One time a business which I frequent raised their prices. What they did is they handed out a card to each customer as they came in for service that said, We are finding we have to increase our fees due to the increased cost of doing business. Our new fees are this for these services. Here are the new and improved service and products you will be getting for this price increase. They listed the improved service and products. They were small improvements but it added value to encourage me to stay.
  5. Make certain that your customers always know the value of doing business with you. When you have to raise prices they are likely to remain with you. Many services are becoming commodities so customer loyality is an easy marketing strategy.

Customers are the most important part of your business. Treat them with value like you do money. They are the reason you exist. Let them know you are important.

I discussed this with my business partner, David McElroy (a business consultant for 30 years), who made 2 comments: Never let your CPA dictate such business decisions. He does not interface with your clients every day. Never sent blanket, impersonal emails about price increases.

How have you handled price increases over the years?




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