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How to Thoroughly Clean Your Bedroom

May 4, 2016 by Dallas Maids

cleaning your bedroom

How to thoroughly clean your bedroom

While cleaning your bedroom daily will keep it relatively organized, it’s always necessary to do a more thorough cleaning every now and then. Usually, this task will take you about two hours (depending on how messy your room is), and you should do it at least once every month or two.

Where to start?
As always, you must ventilate your room for about 10 minutes or more, pulling open your curtains, raising the blinds and opening your windows. Once everything is aired out, you can begin.

  1. First, remove everything from your closet and organize your clothing, putting aside what you are not going to wear anymore, so you can donate it or throw it out later on.
  2. After, gather up all scattered clothing, sheets, covers, blankets, pillowcases and put them in the laundry. Also, take out your curtains and shades and wash those, too.
  3. Move your furniture so that you can clean it. Using a damp microfiber
    dishcloth, clean all surfaces thoroughly. Also make sure to clean all nooks and crannies, as well as frames, handles, doorknobs, etc.
  4. Clean your doors, rails, and air conditioning unit. Be sure to rinse and wring out the dishcloth every time you use it. You might even need to use several dishcloths.
  5. Vacuum every surface and all corners, as well as your upholstery and mattress. Use the thin vacuum nozzle for those.
  6. Take out any paintings you might have in the room and clean them very carefully with a mildly damp cloth; both the frame and the back of the painting. Take a lot of care not to damage the painting inside. If the frame includes a glass cover, then you can clean it with a glass-cleaning solution.
  7. Clean your desk lamps, light bulbs, cables, nightlights, TVs, and nightstands with a mildly damp cloth. Then, use a ladder to reach your ceiling lamp and fan and clean them from any dust that might have gathered up there.
  8. Check your roof and its corners for spider webs. If you find any, use a broom covered with a slightly damp washcloth or a mop to remove them. You can also spray some insecticide in the corners to avoid future infestations.
  9. Clean your windows with a commercial glass-cleaning solution or water mixed in equal parts with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to use a lint-free cloth or old newspapers to clean your windows.
  10. Clean your closet. If you emptied your closet beforehand, you can then clean all its interior surfaces with a cloth that has been slightly dampened in water mixed with a few drops of white vinegar. After washing all surfaces, dry them with a clean dishcloth.
  11. Finally, you can make your bed once everything is clean, replace your clothing inside the closet and perfume your room with scented candles or incense so that it smells wonderful!

Some extra tips: It’s recommended to turn your mattress (especially if it’s a spring one) over every 3 months so that it wears evenly. Also, make sure to throw out anything that you are not going to use or is broken. And, most importantly, take out your trash regularly! Never let it pile up or your room will start to smell badly.



How to Clean Your Bedroom Daily

April 28, 2016 by Dallas Maids

cleaning your bedroom

How to clean your bedroom daily

So you have finished cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. Which room should you clean next? Well, probably the one you use the very most: your bedroom. After all, it’s your most personal space and you surely want to keep it organized and neat. This article will teach you the basics of daily bedroom cleaning. In general, it’s best to clean your room lightly every day and more thoroughly whenever you feel it’s necessary although it’s recommended to do it at least once e.very month or so

Where to start?

This time, it’s best to start by ventilating your room before cleaning anything. Pull your curtains open, raise the blinds and open the windows. Let the air flow into the room for about 10 minutes. If the weather is nice, then you can keep the windows open for as long as you want. This will help reduce the air humidity in your room, especially in your bed, because bedbugs and mites tend to reproduce in moist environments.
Also, while your windows are open, take advantage of the opportunity to lay out your sheets and blankets in the sun. Extend them neatly over a windowsill so that they catch all the sun’s rays. This will also help dry them out and reduce humidity.

After the air in your room is nice and fresh, then you can start cleaning.

  • Begin by making your bed. Make sure to shake off your sheets to both air them and remove any debris that might have gathered on them. Also be sure to extend them nicely before placing the blankets and covers on top.
  • Dust your furniture. You can use a dust cloth or a feather duster to remove dust from your nightstands, the headboard and bed frame of your bed, your TV, game consoles, etc.
  • Shake off your carpets every day and vacuum them once a week. If your floor does not have a carpet (it’s made of tile, wood or parquet), then clean it every couple of days with a mop. Also spray a cleaning solution all over its surface and scrub it well with a cloth. If you can, polish it.
  • Clean your windows and mirrors with a commercial glass-cleaning solution or water and soap. Make sure to dry them thoroughly with a dry cloth so that no stains remain. Also, clean your window frames, so that everything looks neat.

Now that everything is clean, you can light up a scented candle or an aromatic incense to give your room a lovely smell that will last for the rest of the day.

Step by Step to a Clean Kitchen

April 14, 2016 by Dallas Maids

How to clean your kitchen thoroughly

Cleaning Kitchen

Knowing how to properly clean a kitchen is very important. After all, it’s one of the most commonly used rooms in the house, which means that it gets dirty every day. In general, it’s best to do a light cleaning every day, and a more thorough one once a week.

Where to start

This depends on the person’s preference, although it’s best to start with cupboards and other cabinets, followed by electrical appliances and assorted surfaces, like cooktops and counters. Last, you should sweep and wash the floor. Make sure to always use gloves to protect your hands.

Cupboards and cabinets: These tend to gather crumbs and scraps of food, especially powders like sugar, salt, coffee, etc. Once a month, you should clean your cupboards and cabinets thoroughly to prevent insects from infesting your kitchen. Empty them completely, remove the shelves (if possible), and scrub all surfaces with a damp washcloth. Rinse them and let them dry. Make sure that everything is completely dry before replacing any items. While you do this, check all canned items for their expiration date. Discard any expired foods and clean those that are still fresh with a damp washcloth to prevent them from accumulating grease. Also, make sure that the base of each container is fully dry before replacing it in the cupboard, to avoid damaging it with water.

Kitchen appliances: To properly clean any kitchen, it’s necessary to clean all appliances, although particularly those that are used the most, like the refrigerator, stove, microwave, and even the oven.

  • Refrigerator: First and foremost, remove all foods from the refrigerator. Once this is done, begin by cleaning the crisper drawer. Empty it and wash it thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Continue with the meat drawer, washing it in the same way as the crisper drawer. If there are any other drawers in the fridge, remove them and wash them, as well. Finally, clean the freezer. In order to do this, turn off the refrigerator and let any ice remnants thaw out. Wash everything with warm water and soap.

    Some extra tips: You can make an amazing cleaning solution out of water and baking soda; just mix a tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water. White vinegar is also a great alternative. Also, to keep bad odors at bay, you can put a wedge of lemon in a plate and place that in the fridge.

  • Stove: The process of cleaning a stove can differ depending on the material its cooktop is made of. Usually, there are two kinds of cooktops; gas and glass-ceramic. For gas cooktops, remove the burners and their caps, and then clean the area thoroughly with a kitchen degreaser or warm water and soap. Make sure that the burners are cold before you do this. After cleaning everything, replace the burners. For glass-ceramic cooktops, you must use special cleaning products, which you can find at any supermarket or convenience store. Before applying any product, however, you must remove any debris from the ceramic surface with a special scraper. Make sure that the cooktop is completely cold before cleaning it. Also, if you spill milk, sugar or similar substances onto the cooktop, remove them immediately with a scraper. Never let them settle.

    Some extra tips: In some cases, you can clean glass-ceramic cooktops with ammonia or detergent. Let them rest on the ceramic surface for an hour, then rinse and dry with a washcloth.

  • Microwave: Start by soaking a washcloth in warm water and soap, then scrub both the inside and the outside of the microwave with it. If there are any hard-to-remove stains, use a solution of water and baking soda instead.

    Some extra tips: You can soften grease spots by putting lemon juice in a container and heating it until it releases vapor.

  • Oven: Make sure that the oven is completely cold before cleaning it, and remove all foods and debris from inside the appliance. Soften any scraps of food with a damp dishcloth and remove them. Use paper towels to remove the accumulated grease. Finally, scrub the entire interior and the door with a cloth soaked in warm water and dish soap. Rinse until it shines and then dry.

    Some extra tips: For a more ‘eco-friendly’ approach, use baking soda instead of a commercial cleaning solution. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water, and use a spray bottle to spread the solution out through the oven’s interior. Let it rest for 12 hours. To remove the solution, use a sponge soaked in white vinegar. Then, rinse the oven’s interior with a damp washcloth and turn on the oven at a temperature of 302 ºF (150 ºC) for 15 minutes to dry it.

  • Other appliances: In the case of blenders, food processors and the like, remove all detachable parts. Clean them as if you would any kitchen utensil; wash them with warm water and soap in the sink, rinse them, and let them dry in a rack. Then, clean both the interior and exterior surfaces of the appliance, making sure not to touch the motor at any time. In general, it’s best to clean these appliances soon after use, to avoid food scraps and debris from sticking to their surfaces.

Surfaces: Kitchen surfaces consist mostly of counters and tables. It’s very important to clean them every day, because it’s these surfaces that accumulate the most bacteria. While you can use an antibacterial cleaning product to clean them, warm water and soap will be more than enough. Remove all crumbs, food scraps and debris with a damp sponge, and then spray the entire surface with a multipurpose cleaner. However, there are a few specific things that you have to keep in mind when cleaning a counter.

  • Marble counters are very delicate and they have a porous surface, so you have to wash, rinse and dry them quickly, so that water does not penetrate them.
  • Wood counters, which can be made of maple, teak or mahogany, must be cleaned once a year with teak or rapeseed oil, rubbing it along the grain of the wood.
  • Plastic laminate counters can be cleaned with water and a teaspoon of baking soda, then rinsed and dried.

Floor: Leaving the best for last, it’s time to clean your kitchen floor. Depending on the material that it’s made of, you will require different cleaning products. Once you have purchased the most adequate cleaning product for your floor, you can begin. First, sweep the kitchen to remove all dust and scraps that might have fallen onto the floor after cleaning everything else. Then, fill half a bucket with warm water and add the recommended amount of cleaner listed in the package. Scrub the floors with a cloth soaked in the cleaning solution, making long, oval-like movements. Repeat this step until you have cleaned the entire floor surface. If the cleaning solution must be rinsed, empty the bucket, fill it with cold water and scrub the floor once more.

You have finished! Hopefully these tips will help you keep your kitchen spotless!

Dallas Maids, proud sponsor of Preston North Lions Club

October 30, 2015 by Dallas Maids

Preston North Lions ClubDallas Maids is proud to sponsor Preston North Lions Club Annual Passport to Wonder Show. The Lions Club is a non-profit organization which receives no financial support from the federal or local government or any other organizations. They rely on local support through annual drives such as this.

The funds raised from this event will support the Lions Club Dallas I.S.D. Eyeglass Program, a program that provides eye exams and eyeglasses for school children who cannot afford them. The funds will also be used to sponsor children who are physically disabled or recently diagnosed insulin dependent to the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, TX. The Lions Club also supports the Julien C. Hyer Youth Camp (foreign youth exchange), The Lions foundation for Shadow Children, the Leader Dog for the Blind School, and the Lions Sight & Tissue Foundation (a cornea and skin bank).

In connection with this drive, the Lions Club is sponsoring their Annual Passport to Wonder Show, which is held Thursday, October 22nd at 7:00p.m. at the Dallas Children’s Theatre. The highly Acclaimed David Hira will be performing.



Removing Carpet Stains

August 28, 2015 by Dallas Maids

It’s time for another carpet cleaning tip from Dallas Maids Today’s tip: removing carpet stains.

How many times has this happened to you?

Red wine stains got you down?

Turn that frown upside down! Dallas Maids is going to show you how to get rid of that red wine stain fast! It’s a trade secret. think you can handle it?

Ok then. Ready. Set.. Vodka!

We DO NOT drink the vodka!

NO! We’re going to fight alcohol with alcohol! Just follow these three easy steps.

Step one, blot the spot!

The best time to fight a stain is while it’s still a spill, the fresher the stain the easier it will be to remove. So get some clean white towels, even paper towels will work, and start soaking up as much of the wine as you can. Blot the stain, never rubbing; rubbing will only make it worse. When one towel gets dirty, switch it for a fresh one. Once you’ve soaked up as much the stain as possible then you can move on to step 2.

Step two, bring on the alcohol!

You can use any kind of clear alcohol to treat the stain, rubbing alcohol, white wine works too! We like to use vodka! Apply a generous amount of vodka over the entire stained area.

Nu uh uh

Step three, blot some more!

Use more clean white towels to soak up as much of the stain as possible, if there is any left.  Most likely the clear alcohol removed the stain completely.  The alcohol is strong enough to remove the stain while not strong enough to harm the carpet. There you have it! A super-secret carpet cleaning tip from Dallas Maids to save the day!

You’re welcome!




Seeking a Service Superstar!

April 30, 2015 by Dallas Maids


Interviewing this week, apply now! Dallas Maids is actively looking to add a highly skilled and passionate sales & service superstar to our office team. We have a growing demand of clients in the Dallas area that demand top-notch service every time. We are committed to providing the best customer service to our clients. To maintain our high standards of service and performance we offer great pay and benefits along with a selective screening process when deciding who to work with. If you feel up to the challenge submit your application today!



Bilingual – Fluent in English and Spanish

Superstar sales skills

Excellent phone etiquette

Prior experience, preferably in sales and/or customer service

Proven job stability – We seek people who want to stay and grow with us

Ability to take the initiative and do what needs to be done

Ability to maintain a positive, cheerful disposition at all times with customers

* Writing marketing ads, online content (blogs, articles, etc), social media interaction (facebook, twitter, youtube) is a plus



Providing outstanding customer service

Persistently pursue leads via email and phone

Selling our award-winning professional house cleaning service to potential clients

Scheduling appointments

Communicating with Dallas Maids’ clientele, ensuring they are taken care of

Completing and closing customer jobs

Trouble shooting issues occurring with our teams in field

Performing random job inspections

Other tasks as needed



Great pay

Profit sharing

Opportunity for advancement

Monday through Friday work week, no nights

Professional In-house masseuse

Family outings and events

Clean, modern office

Christmas bonuses

Paid vacation

Apply Now!

Spring Cleaning Time!

April 23, 2015 by Dallas Maids

It’s that time of the year where we put on our cleaning gloves, put in some work, and put out the trash. Let’s start with a video from Dallas Maids Clean Freaks YouTube channel: Spring Cleaning Guide! Motivation and Inspiration from Real Maids! After a long winter of stuffiness and gloom it’s so nice to give your home a deep, refreshing clean from top to bottom! Of course any time of year can be a good time for a deep clean and with these easy tips you might want to do it more than once a year! Don’t be intimidated, we’ll take it one room at a time.

Also, we thought we might give our readers these neat spring cleaning printables to get everyone in the mood.  The first one is our original, printable Spring Cleaning To Do list, pretty as a spring day!


Click to Get it!

That list covers all the deep cleaning tasks you’ll want to add to your regular cleaning to make it a super spring deep clean! It’s broken up by room to make it even easier. This is the list we use at Dallas Maids when we do a spring cleaning/deep clean. You can block off a day and knock out all the items at once but if you’d like to break it up we suggest our beautiful printable calender for March. Just print it, write tasks from the to do lists on different days and stick it on your fridge!

march calender dallas maids

Get it Now!

There you have it, pretty sping cleaning printables to print, share and enjoy! Hopefully you are feeling inspired and motivated to take on a top to bottom clean in April; if not we’d be happy to do the dirty work just give us a call! Spring cleaning spots fill up fast so reserve yours now!


DON’T TELL ANYONE! My secret advise when starting a business

February 3, 2015 by Dallas Maids

reposted from an article I wrote on reddit.com: https://www.reddit.com/r/EntrepreneurRideAlong/comments/27n66h/dont_tell_anyone_my_secret_advice_for_success

Don’t Tell Anyone

Seriously, don’t…

When I first started Dallas Maids I didn’t tell anyone exactly what I was starting, not my friends, not my family, no one. Oh, there were rumors, some thought the worse because it was a secret. “Starting a naughty site?” A friend once joked BUT this EXACTLY why I told no one… To avoid negativity.

You see, people are highly susceptible to suggestion. You may believe yourself strong headed, but subconsciously what is said sinks deeply into your mind, providing input your subconscious uses to guide your actions. Negative feedback is detrimental!

So understanding this psychology, my operations were top-secret until I became established. No chance for folks to advise me to get a “real” job or others to openly wonder why I gave up a promising career in high tech for mopping floors. And I’m SO glad I did is because starting Dallas Maids along with my other businesses have been the BEST decision I ever made.

Avoid Negative People

…like the plague.

In the process of starting and growing my businesses I’ve gladly de-friended a few in real life. Negativity is a downer. For many it is instinct to secretly despise friends that have had more success, even try to sabotage their success. Mind you, this is NOT consciously done, they do not know they are saying and doing certain things to sabotage your work. It is a subconscious programming in place through both ones environment and genes. On a side note, I highly recommend you fellas to read up on psychology. Books such as “Influence: Power of Persuasion” or “Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth” are invaluable.

Negative people suck…

…sometimes it’s hard to avoid them. As you know, there are some serial negative suckers on reddit. Get an unwarranted negative comment on your thread or post? Look through their previous posts. Sad how some are addicted to negativity. Though don’t get defensive because 1) it’s them, not you and 2) be glad they are not in your real life!

You could avoid reddit entirely but maybe that’s not an option because of the value you get and give here. That’s why I’m here: I’ve been blessed to know the freedom of having your own business and want to share my experience with you because you deserve to have this, too. We are lucky to experience this sliver of time between two great eternities, so make the most of it! Experience and do good.

Ending tangent. Let me get back on track…

So don’t tell anyone when starting a business, continue de-friending negative people and befriending positive people, and learn a little about psychology. Lee Iacocca attributed his success to his psychology degree. Understanding people and motivating them are key. I’d recommend his autobiography, too, good book.

This advice is my own derived from what I had known of psychology. It is one of my secrets on how I started my first business and having it wildly successful. Strangely, it’s advice absent from any business related book I’ve read at the time – though in the May, 2009 issue of Psychological Science is an article confirming my “don’t tell anyone” strategy I used in 2004: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/ulterior-motives/200905/if-you-want-succeed-don-t-tell-anyone. Anyway, I hope this helps you, especially if you are just starting out. Know that you already have everything within you to do this. And each day you are becoming better and better.



Decade of House Cleaning

January 20, 2015 by Dallas Maids

Ten years in the house cleaning business. WOW.

Last year we celebrated our 10th year anniversary providing professional house cleaning to Dallas and it has been the exhilarating ride. Starting out was tough, the long hours, the hustle and bustle, the sweat. It was all worth it, starting a business from scratch to an established, experienced, lean, cleaning machine.

Addressing my employees during the 10th year celebration was a treat. As I looked over a ballroom full of Dallas Maids’ employees and their families, it’s was wonderful feeling you are able to provide a good livelihood for all these people who in turn provide top-notch service for our awesome customers.

And we are only going to get better!

Best Time to Buy Things, Month by Month

November 26, 2014 by Dallas Maids

Consumer Reports’ research uncovers when products are cheapest

The Holidays are upon us and I found this list that I thought you’d find interesting and maybe useful for this Black Friday. Some products pricing vary with the time of year… Christmas ornaments after December 25th anyone? ConsumerReports.org did a little research and found when the best time to get the best price. Here is the list:




Treadmills and ellipticals


Winter clothing



Indoor furniture

Treadmills and ellipticals


Digital cameras


Small consumer electronics (MP3 players, DVD and Blu-ray players, etc.)


Winter sports gear


Laptop computers

Desktop computers

Digital cameras

Lawn mowers

Spring clothing


Athletic apparel and shoes

Camping and outdoor gear


Cordless phones

Lawn mowers


Small consumer electronics





Indoor furniture

Pots, pans, and dishware

Small consumer electronics

Summer sports gear




Indoor furniture

Outdoor furniture



Air conditioners



Outdoor furniture

Snow blowers



Digital cameras

Gas grills

Lawn mowers

Shrubs, trees, and perennials

Small consumer electronics

Snow blowers




Digital cameras

Gas grills

Lawn mowers

Winter coats


Baby products



Gas grills

GPS navigators






Gas grills

GPS navigators

Home appliances, large and small

Small consumer electronics



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