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  • PEOPLE POWER: Only 2% of applicants pass our stringent interview process.
  • WOW FACTOR: We strive to impress you every time we clean your home.
  • TRANSPARENT PRICING: No upsells or hidden fees.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are unhappy, we make it right.
People of Dallas Maids

Our People

The success of any business comes down to its people. At Dallas Maids, we hire individuals who have both a strong work ethic and a good heart. We retain talent by offering above-average pay, awesome benefits, and the respect every loyal employee deserves. 

History of Dallas Maids

Our History

In 2004, Greg Shepard left the high-tech world of IBM and Bank of America to found Dallas Maids. Greg formed close relationships with other maid-service owners and incorporated the best of what he saw to build a business of value.

Our Mission

We are the best value in maid service. Through intense commitment to our employees, we are dedicated to the success of our clients. The consequence of having loyal, smart, hardworking, long-term and well-compensated employees is superb quality service to customers.

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Dallas Maids is all about people: both you and our employees. We could not offer you the best cleaning service in Dallas without choosing the best cleaners. Our workers are carefully screened for not just their skills but also their character. In fact, we hire only about 2 percent of our applicants.


In return for meeting and maintaining our high standards, we reward our team by offering them a positive work environment. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our cleaning artists as much as they enrich yours by keeping your home fresh and spotless.


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Dallas Maids People





Greg Shepard first moved to Texas in 1993 to attend Baylor University. During his studies, he earned numerous academic honors. He was also active in the community, volunteering for Adopt-a-Highway, Meals on Wheels, pet therapy at a nursing home, and tutoring at a local Christian academy.


After graduating, Greg moved to Dallas to pursue a career in computer system administration at IBM, working with Big Blue’s supercomputers. He later joined the tech team at Bank of America, where he was responsible for the computer systems that supported the bank’s trusts. In 2004, Greg left the tech world to start Dallas Maids LLC.


From the start, Greg formed close relationships with other maid-service owners, incorporating the best aspects of their systems for his own. He also developed his own improvements, such as his highly selective five-step interview, which is designed to find and keep the best cleaning talent.


What sets us apart.


From the initial call to regular scheduled service, Greg has developed a proven business model that gives you an easy, enjoyable experience every time. His business and tech background enabled him to create a streamlined system that yields high benefits at low costs.


Today, award-winning Dallas Maids is now recognized as one of the premiere professional cleaning businesses in Dallas. You will get the most value for your money, guaranteed!



Dallas Maids is the finest professional maid service in Dallas, Texas.


Our primary offering is general housecleaning for residential customers throughout Greater Dallas. Secondary services include commercial cleaning and carpet cleaning.


Our top two priorities are:

  • Our intense commitment to our employees, which is tied directly to
  • Our steadfast dedication to the satisfaction of our clients


We know that smart, hardworking, loyal, and valued employees naturally deliver superior service.


The cleaning business requires careful coordination of human, mechanical, and information systems. Our success depends on:

  • Corporate and individual integrity
  • Advanced communication and organization
  • Clear and thorough policies and procedures
  • First-class office space
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Constant innovation
  • Regular system maintenance and improvement
  • Relentless attention to detail


Moreover, we function according to three crucial paradoxes:

  • Specialized yet diversified staff: We first develop house cleaning experts, and then we provide appropriate cross-training.
  • Consistent yet personalized customer service: We do what it takes to uphold our satisfaction guarantee.
  • Tightly controlled yet flexible operations: We change our policies immediately if we can improve them.


Dallas Maids’ complete Mission Statement.



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